Hello Friends! 

Can you believe it!?  I am blogging two days in a row!  Senior season is in full swing and honestly each session has such a unique quality that I am busting at the seams to share with you guys! 

When your senior says, "do whatever you like, I trust you"....well, mic drop and we are ready to get down to the "nitty gritty".     Now, let me back up a bit.   Kristen definitely chose her clothes (with some input from me on what would work and what might not), she also chose that she wanted her session in Galveston.   Her family has a beach house that we would be able to utilize (more on that later) and that would be a catalyst to a perfect shoot.   Her mention of "do whatever, I trust you..." really had to do with hair and makeup.   We knew she wanted to keep a more natural look, but add the extra polish to make her images stand out.   I think I may have seen Ashley (hair and makeup artist) do a little leap in the air when she knew her creative spirits could cut loose. 

Kristen is an avid lover of all things Harry Potter.   When she mentioned she wanted to include that affection in her session we sought out possible locations that may work.   We realized our search was not going to be a success because; well, Harvey kind of knocked that idea out.  However, when Ashley and I arrived at the beach house, we learned it was the senior's "MOVE IN DAY"!!!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Kristen's family was moving items from storage (there old beach house was destroyed during Hurricane IKE) into their new beach house.   The construction took a quite some time, but on our shoot day was the day they were moving in....let's just say, I couldn't have asked for better circumstances!! Ha! Ha!  No one knew that would be the way the day played out.  Because the house was a blank space of white....and one of the rooms offered a perfect niche for bunkbed and reading...well, that was our Harry Potter session right under our nose!   We also had a great time finding furniture that had been in storage and making use of it!  It was like a hidden treasure that we had just discovered!  Since my sneak peek of the Harry Potter images have already been posted, I saved those for more towards the bottom of this blog.  There are more than the initial shots I shared.  

We also wanted to do some fun shots on the Strand.   Galveston has such an eclectic area and it was just the perfect backdrop for some urban looks that Kristen rocked.   Fast forward to quaint neighborhoods that have the most lush flowers and bam....we had a gorgeous set of images that just blow my mind.   Kristen's eyes with the blue and purple flowers makes it impossible to choose a favorite.     Finally we head to the beach....let me tell you.   There are NO words to describe the number of mosquitos we encountered.  Kristen's back was COVERED, then it was my legs and feet.    It was so horrible that I sent Ashley inside-then Kristen and I toughed it out...we knew we had to finish with a bang because her gowns were stunning and the biggest part of the session.      Make sure you scroll through all of the "pretty" because this session was epic.  I am posting some of the photos slightly out of you will certainly want to scroll. :-) 

Now that you have the run down on the session-let me tell you a little about this amazing senior! Kristen is just amazing.  I don't know how else to say it.    She is one of 6 children (the oldest) and is such a sweet soul to know.    When Kristen is not busy with her homeschool classes she is most likely playing guitar, dabbling in photography, or reading Harry Potter. :-)    Kristen has plans to attend Texas A & M University with a major in Marine Biology.  

Congratulations Kristen on having such an amazing future set before you --and just know I am so excited to share the images below with all of your friends and family!  xo-Nikki