Hello Friends, 

I am happy to introduce you all to this Katy High School beauty!   Madeline is just absolutely stunning and I may or may not have said, "you are so cute" at least 100 times during the session.  She isn't just cute though, this stunning senior is super smart!   Throughout the session I was continuously thinking, wow, this sweet beauty is going to set this world on fire!  

Madeline had so many adorable outfits.   We were able to tie together a "country chic" style along with an age appropriate classic flair.   We addeda fun "outside the box" look that showcases her love of concerts.   When we do a session, it is always important to try and incorporate something that demonstrates your personality and where you are right now in this fun "senior year adventure".   It could be adding an instrument, a book, pet or as Madeline did, a love of concerts with a super fun look of converse and t-shirt....just something a little fun and different to complete the senior photography experience. 

Madeline is a varsity swimmer with Katy High School and also has been voted "Student of the Month" 3 times.  In addition to swimming and being such an amazing student, Madeline also volunteers with the National Charity League, Star Chapter.    Madeline is narrowing down colleges and has University of Alabama on her "short list".   The ultimate goal is to achieve "Doctor" status.    

I have no doubt at all that this gorgeous senior is going to make a big difference in this world. Madeline, thanks so much for trusting me and Ashley to make your session what you envisioned.  We had such an amazing time with you!  

Enjoy!  xoNikki