Hello Everyone!

What a great week and weekend it has been!   This week is super busy so prepare for several blog posts and a LOT of sneak peeks. 

It has gotten to the point in my photography career that my seniors are the younger siblings of prior clients.   To see the next in line for the "Senior Experience" is such a blast.  The differences in personality and style just make me smile.   

Emily's sister, Haley was one of my seniors a few years ago and we did the majority of her session at the Houston Arboretum.  Emily has similar tastes but we still wanted to make sure we kept her session special and unique to her and her personality. 

Emily LOVES YELLOW!!!  So we definitely wanted to incorporate a touch of yellow in her session.  You will see those shots at the end of the blog.    She also asked to incorporate the Texas flag and that is without a doubt one of my favorite things to do!    We had so much fun and even took some risky moves to get certain shots (those shall remain secret! ha! ha!); but we got the shots we needed! 

Emily has hopes to attend Texas A & M University and will major in kinesiology.   Once again, it was such a delight to shoot this session....let me introduce you to Emily and show off her fun gallery.   Enjoy!  Nikki