Hello Friends, 

I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last blog post.   Life has been so busy lately. 

Aside from being a full time photographer, I am also a Mom.  Mom duties are always my top priority and this week was certainly a test! ha! ha!  Aside from my own kids, we do have extended family in the area and this past weekend they helped keep my calendar busy.   It is something I love and will never regret.  It isn't often that everyone is in the same town and able to visit.  With time being spread between family visits and school open houses, son's sprained ankle, and husband took his role up a notch and really saved my booty this week!   If it had not been for him,  this sweet senior's pictures would not have been finished this week, 3 sessions would have been missed, dance mini sessions would not have happened and no one would have made it to open house and the kids would have starved!   Thanks Emory Guest for always being my hero! 

Meet Makenna!  Can I just say that her name just makes me smile!  I LOVE IT!   This gorgeous Seven Lakes Senior is a dance member of the award winning Sapphires!  The dance team just blows my mind at each game and she is one of the beauties that graces the field each Friday night.    Makenna has big plans to attend Baylor University or Oklahoma State University and will major in Business.  

Makenna's session took us to celebrating the warmth of a small town. The look couldn't have suited her any better.   She just has that "small town girl" charm and knew the right style to compliment her look.      

Makenna, you are so sweet  such a pleasure to photograph!  You did an amazing job!   

Enjoy!  xo  Nikki