Hello Friends!

It has been a few weeks since my last post.   The holidays was a treasured time and I was able to regroup get energized for the next few months.   Spring semester has officially started and session dates are filling quickly.

Does this sweet senior look familiar?   If not, let me remind you of my senior model, Abbie.   I decided to write an additional blog post about her for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is to honor and showcase her commitment to Dyslexia Awareness.    Abbie is a girl scout who happens to also be dyslexic.  She attends theThe Briarwood School where they saw her potential and help mold her education to insure her success.    Abbie planned, promoted and hosted a dyslexia awareness night at The Briarwood School that drew attention to much a needed understanding of dyslexia in our community.   I must say, after watching the video and reading the article, it just sealed the confidence I always had in Abbie. She is  a beautiful young lady with goals, dreams and incredibly bright future.   Her purpose in life will be fulfilled because she knows what defines her and it's not dyslexia. It is awareness, knowledge and surrounding yourself with positivity.   Proudly Abbie will head to Texas Tech in the fall and pursue a career that helps others with similar qualities.  Here is an article that explains more about Abbie's night,

"Beautifully Different" :

As I said, there was another reason to share more Abbie with you.   At Abbie's prior session we crammed 7 outfits in a short period of time.   However, in that time, there were two outfits that were kind of, well, if we get them great, if big deal.   However, when Abbie put them on, she just beamed!   At that point the sun was going down and we were cramming in as many shots as possible.   So on a beautiful day in Katy, with little preparation and some trees with actual yellow, red, orange and green, we pulled off a "Quickie Mini Session".   Of course, Ashley lent her hair and makeup talent to insure Abbie's already existing beauty just beamed for more pictures.

Check out this young lady's mini fall session-isn't she just stunning!?  We even added in her letterman jacket at the end!   :-) -Nikki