Hello sweet friends!   Tonight is the night I have been itching to get to for the past two weeks. 

A couple of weeks ago the weather was giving us a run for our money.    I ultimately had to cancel underwater sessions for the following day; however, on this day we managed to pull off 2 amazing beach sessions.    Although there were some residual storm clouds, it turned out to be an incredible back drop to our session.   You will notice in the photos that at one angle we had the beautiful blue sky and then it turned into this beautiful peach color, causing an amazing reflection of God's beautiful sky on the waters.  Yes...even in Galveston!  ha! ha!

Meet Chloe!   What can I not say about her...this girl is AMAZING!   I am not going to give too much away because we are doing her senior session and I will share more about her at that time. Let's just say that as a photographer that is photographing a dancer, she was a DREAM!   She is just beautiful and you can see it with the sweet twinkle in her eyes. 

I was only able to spend a small amount of time with her, but in that time...I found myself speechless.   Just stunning.    Stay tuned...because when this sweet young lady has her senior session, it will be incredible!!     

Until then, enjoy this gorgeous glimpse of sweet Chloe!