Wow, it's been a while!   I have been in the middle of getting organized for this upcoming "Senior Season".   In the midst of organizing, I did find some time to swim with some of Katy's finest swimmers and even managed to throw in my first "dance underwater session".   These kids did NOT disappoint.    Marci Freeman of Three Peas Photography had contacted me about offering a session to a few of her Katy Aquatics friends and that's where the adventure began.  If you want a great family photographer in Katy, Marci is awesome!   Thanks Marci for reaching out and sending me such a fun group. 

Swimming photography can be tricky.  The pool is important, the lighting is key and understanding that these are truly candid is important.    Each swimmer possesses a different skill set and highlighting their talent is awesome!  You can see their excitement and their determination to get it just perfect.  Underwater photography can often be a dance between clicking quick enough before feeling as though you may drown and making sure you get the shot in focus! ha! ha!  I do believe we managed to get some amazing shots and have a lot of fun in the process.    I want to also thank my husband who assisted during the shoot... he commented on how much he enjoyed himself and working as a team.  Go "Team Guest"!  ha! ha!    I also want to thank the lovely family that opened their home on such short notice (we had a hiccup with the larger pool that was to be used) and allowed me to turn their pool into what would appear somewhat competitive.  I added some fun shots of your cuties.    

Without further rambling...enjoy these fun shots!  I know it was fun for me to take them!  -Nikki