Well, well...look at this..Meet Karaline!  Oh my goooooooooodness....We all know that I am slightly obsessed with rose gold; hence, my website, my jewelry, my clothes...ha! ha!  So you take that little nugget of information and can be confident that I was beside myself when Karaline's dance dress was just glistening against the sun and then boom! ROSE GOLD was twinkling towards my lens!  

A little back history...I photographed Karaline's brother, Connor, for his senior portraits (almost two years ago).   At the time, I learned that Connor is a protective big brother and now I can see why!!!  Karaline you are STUNNING!   Not only is Karaline beautiful outwardly, she is so beautiful on the inside.   Karaline's is a Sophomore at Tompkins High School and dances on their dance team.   She didn't hesitate to go ahead and get her dress wet and the results were just incredible! I had so much fun with this dance session! 

Karaline- you rocked it!  I am already giddy over knowing that we will be doing your senior session in a couple of years!  OH and Connor...I am so sorry, you may have to head home for a bit and provide bodyguard services for your sweet sister~ xo Sending love and hugs, Nikki