Hello Friends!  Meet Seth.  Seth is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School.  I had never met Seth,  I only knew Seth's Mom.   My kids attended the same school where Seth's mom teaches and we have mutual friends.  I can honestly say that when you end the session with Mexican food and margaritas, they are now my friends! :-) 

Seth has so many things that interest him; but it was fascinating for me to watch him light up at certain moments in the shoot.   When I am working with a Senior that has special qualities, it is important for me to know what helps initiate a spontaneous smile or reaction (hopefully positive :-). More often than not, they are really into music or if they hear the mention of character/person it will spur a reaction.   With that being said, I asked his Mom and Dad what types of things would help bring about a fun response and their answer made me realize how much he has in common with most boys!  No, I don't mean mentioning girls...I mean, when someone simply slaps a mosquito and says, "ouch", Seth thinks that is hysterical!   Seth and my boys would certainly have a lot to laugh about because anytime I run into something or have a "clutsy" moment my kids think it's better than the latest comedy show!   

Seth loves his dachshund, "Sadie", so of course we had to incorporate her into the shoot.  Sadie was perfect.   She was so sweet and loved the attention.  However, after her 5 minutes of fame, she was wiped out!   Our time with her allowed for a moment of capturing Seth, Sadie and his Mom and Dad.  Although I do not do family sessions, I knew that it was a moment that had to get captured.  

Seth's parents were so much fun and so helpful.  Between Seth's Dad holding the reflector and "popping light" perfectly (ha! ha!) and Seth's Mom jumping behind my head acting like she was being hit by a car or bus, we certainly laughed a lot!   I am sure the people around us were entertained as well!  

Seth will be continuing his time at Seven Lakes as a "Super Senior".  He was so sweet to tolerate all of my direction -I can certainly see why he is a "Special Buddy" at Seven Lakes.  

Seth, thanks for putting up with Mrs. Nikki and I do forgive you for finding humor in the fact that I was almost eaten alive by mosquitos!  A special thanks to Seth's parents for trusting me to capture sweet memories of this amazing senior!   xxoo-Nikki