Hi Everyone!  

I can't believe it!   It's the start of a new school year.    Each January 1st, I make resolutions, then hope and pray that at the end of that year check on my progress.   Sometimes I see improvement and then sometimes, I can't even remember what my resolution was in the first place!   School is a little different.  Each kid starts the year with fresh supplies an excited outlook and the goal is common-SURVIVAL and achievement to move on to the next grade.   

Keeping that "SURVIVAL" goal in mind and the mere fact that I am a "SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER", it seems fitting that this years' SENIOR MODEL crew is being referred to as Nikki Guest Photography's SENIOR SQUAD" and they have "SQUAD GOALS".    

I am so excited to formally introduce this years' Senior Squad.    The Class of 2017 Senior Squad will make a mark in their community in a variety of ways and I am one of the lucky ones to have them representing me, Nikki Guest Photography as a senior model.   

Each one of these seniors completed applications at the beginning of 2016 and anxiously waiting to be selected.   As a photographer marketing to seniors and their parents, it is important (and required) that the seniors represent qualities that are not only limited to my brand, but also possess qualities that make them wonderful examples to their friends, family, and complete strangers.   After reading each detail on each application, I narrowed it down to the seniors you will see highlighted below.     

This is going to be an incredible year for Nikki Guest Photography.   A few new changes (fun) are on the horizon and will be announced soon.   If you are interested in experiencing a senior session like no other, love to laugh and truly want to exhibit yourself authentically....please contact me soon!  I am booking quickly!    You can schedule Spring sessions NOW!   Or Fall of course, but do not wait until Spring to schedule a spring session!  

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for each of these seniors highlighted below....they will each bring about their own twists to their premiere senior session!  Until then, let me introduce you to this year's Nikki Guest Photography's Senior Squad!  Keep scrolling for some fun photos! 

  A special thanks to a few folks, thanks to The Houston Studio.   Your new space is amazeballs (even though my 13 year old says that word is no longer cool, I still use it!), Verneal Morin-you stepped up and saved the day with hair and makeup-thanks so much, everyone looked gorgeous!   Twelve Tees and Cincolicious, Twelve Tees for the cutest concept t-shirts ever and then Cincolicious Creations for adding a little Nikki Guest Photography branding and finishing them in 24 hours!  Also, thanks Touchstone Crystals for lending us some bling to accessorize these beauties!  To the parents, for allowing me to be creative with your seniors and trusting me...and lastly, for my senior models--you guys ROCKED IT--in spite of the HEAT!!!!   Note to self, next year's senior model shoot will not be in August. ;-)   I appreciate you guys more than you know and I can't wait to make a year of fun memories with you all and documenting this treasured time!  Scroll through the blog and see all the fun stuff and  even a little behind the scenes footage.

Lots of Love-Nikki