As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the summer is generally my time to rejuvenate, work on new skills and connect with other creatives.    My family time is also greatly cherished and without a doubt my top priority.    

This summer's "creative breakout" (that's what I am calling it) happened twice.  The first time being with The Senior Style Guide on their Destination Shootout on Isle of Palm and a visit to Charleston, South Carolina.  You can see those images in my previous post. 

After seeing the Eastern coast of the US why not see the WEST...add a workshop and join other creative minds, models, and add God's natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and it would be a game changer in my photography world.     The opportunity to attend a workshop being hosted by Chelsea Atkins and Kalyn Yeager (CocoLaine) was just too perfect to pass up.   To add to the awesomeness, I decided to bring the family on this journey.   We turned this business trip into a partial family vacation and it made for the perfect trip.   

I will do a personal blog post about  our family vacation shenanagins in a few days, but for now...I just couldn't wait a moment longer to share these images.    I learned so many things on this trip.  Different posing techniques and editing skills.   The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is something that is completely majestic and adding these beautiful girls to it's backdrop was just perfect.  

A senior's portrait experience should always be fun, full of style and more importantly accentuate the person's character and personality.    We are all unique in God's eyes, created as his masterpieces.   As a photographer I would love to showcase the final year of your youth with amazing photographs that reveal the masterpiece God created when he made YOU!!  

My calendar is booking quickly...please schedule your senior session experience today!  The sky is the limit....but don't wait because there are limited sessions available.    Please note, my website is currently being updated.   I am so excited to showcase what is in store for Class of 2017!   Until then, enjoy these lovely images.   All the Best, Nikki xox