Hello Friends,

Before I delve into this fun experience in Charleston, it is important that I send out a special reminder.   If you are on the fence or keep finding yourself distracted from scheduling your senior session, please do NOT wait.   When you email or call to schedule, it does not mean we are doing the session tomorrow,   I BOOK FAR in advance.    I just started booking Class of 2018 (yes, you read that right :-)), so once school starts,  my calendar is going fill up really fast.  I don't want you to lose your opportunity for the most fun senior portrait experience!   Ask your friends...we have a blast!  Your session is  truly tailored to your personality and it will capture the essence of where you are right now in your life! Now on to my Charleston trip...

Social media has deemed today, "Way Back Wednesday".   With that in mind,  it seems to be perfect timing for me to go "way back" ( a month ago) to when I visited Charleston for a model shootout like I have never experienced before.  

Each summer is an opportunity for me to regroup and refresh.  Summer heat in Houston is a challenge for any photographer; so the timing is perfect for me reflect on what was successful last year, what wasn't and what I can do differently in the future.   Plus, I get to spend more time with my family.  During this time, I am not  "off", I take the opportunity to invest time (and money) in learning new things (as it relates to my photography and running a business).  

This year, my first stop or opportunity was to take on this horrible mission to photograph beautiful models in Charleston, South Carolina.  Not only did we tour "Rainbow Row, but we were also told to get on a yacht and photograph them there as well!  I mean...that is the worst!!!   If you cannot hear the sarcasm in my voice, then please note....it is PURE SARCASM.    I have been blessed to attend a number of "shootouts" and many workshops.   Attending a destination shootout for The Senior Style Guide is just like any other, right?    I mean, to join some of the most amazing photographers in the country and photograph these beautiful seniors  couldn't be all that different from other experience, right?   WRONG!!!!!!  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  If you are a photographer and want to experience a true destination shoot...please make sure you attend the next Senior Style Guide destination shoot.    The mere fact that Vickie Black (The brains behind Senior Style Guide) and Brooke Daniels Photography (The brains behind the styling) is enough to have you want to book years in advance...or at least it did me.   

I was able to work along side folks that I have secretly stalked (yes, I admitted that....and I own it-I am proud and even managed to tell them a few times, ha! ha!) and see that my vision isn't all that crazy.  Ha! Ha!  This alone was so reassuring.  I am still hearing the voices in my head of-- ahem...Carrie Anne Chaffer giving the poses numbers and rattling them off like it was a dance routine for the model; then of course, there is "sweet as pie" Megan Bryant that I swear one day I will photograph as Scarlet O'Hara, but this girl is fierce with her camera, then finally there is that dude, Thomas Nguyen that I believe drown his camera but still managed to have amazing photos!!!   Now to the organizers-Brooke-I wish I could have just followed you around all day (but it would have been weird); but your vision for each shoot was so well thought out and organized.  Managing so many settings, outfit combinations, etc. was just over the top "amaze balls" (my 13 year old says that's not cool to say anymore, but I don't care)- I really want to be like you when I grow up (even though I am waaaaay older than you).   Vickie-dang girl (I don't want to cuss, since this is a senior friendly blog post :-) YOU are the QUEEN BEE...I feel as though we should just roll out a red carpet and be your paparazzi.   Seriously...how do you do it all!?     Sorry to be so mushy gushy...but sheesh...I could go on and on.  

Enjoy the below photos as I take you on my first Senior Style Guide Destination-Isle of Palms.