Hello Friends!   I am having a few "WOW" moments.   First of all, can you believe it's almost JULY!?   Summer is already flying by so quickly.   Secondly, I can officially say that I photographed a senior living in Kazakhstan.     Lastly, I can say that I survived a senior photo session in 100 degree heat and this gorgeous young lady ROCKED IT!   Considering she is beautiful and then you add my amazing hair and makeup artist's talent and you have a stunning senior session. 

You may be wondering how I came photograph a senior that lives in a country on the other side of the world?  If not, you will still learn...ha! ha!   Tatyana is best friends with one of my Class of 2017 Senior Model's sister.   They all knew each other when they (my senior model and his family) lived in Malaysia.    Living in the "Energy Corridor" of Houston has many of my clientele with many stamps on their passports.    Their parents careers keep them travelling to some of the most fascinating places and learning new cultures.   It's always fun to hear about their experiences.   

Tatyana is just a sweet as she is beautiful.   At first I was convinced she looked like Lauren Bacall and then her adorable charm just screams "Reese Witherspoon".   Tatyana's style was fun to play with, we added bold jewelry to her wardrobe to just add an extra "wow" factor.    Of course, I don't think that anyone is paying close attention to the jewelry because her ocean blue eyes are twinkling in each image.   I can assure you, those are HER eyes...no photoshop needed!  

I want to say a special thanks to Verneal Moran for once again providing her talent of exceptional hair and makeup services.  

So with that..meet Tatyana!!!  Isn't she beautiful!!? xx  Nikki