Hi Folks! 

I promised it would be a double post day!   Since I shared my "Grand Finale" for the class of 2016 seniors, it necessary to kick off Class of 2017 senior sessions with this handsome fella. 

I know that one day I will be one of the many folks that says, "I knew Cameron when...." .   Last year, I photographed several seniors from Tompkins with a strong interest in Theater.  Their interest didn't simply stop at high school,  they are now pursuing majors in theater at various universities around the country, hoping one day to hit the stage or big screen.   Upon photographing these talented kids, I had the pleasure of attending one of their plays titled, "Rumors".    It was then that I would see Cameron in action.   I had never met Cameron, I only knew the class of 2016 seniors I photographed; however, I do remember that during the play, Cameron certainly stood out to me.    Fast forward to when I met him for his senior session, I immediately recognized him and remembered his role.   I have to say, that for this 44 year old Mom that is moving 90 to nothing most days, my memory isn't all that great, so he obviously did make an impression. 

Scheduling Cameron's session at the end of his Junior year was just perfect because we knew that he would need to send audition photos over the summer.    Timing your senior session is important.   As quickly as I process my workflow, if you are expecting deadlines due to sorority or fraternity photo submissions or yearbook ad submissions, please by all means start scheduling.   Each session requires planning along with the time spent editing and then ordering.    We also have to consider backup dates due to this crazy Texas weather. :-)  Just a little two cents from yours truly. 

Back to Cameron-well, this senior loves the look of the old gangster movies, like "The Godfather".  Take a little James Cagney, add Humphrey Bogart with a black fedora, back streets of Houston and you will see what Cameron's acting future looks like.    I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the one session where I almost wanted to add a fake cigarette and a cocktail as props to the shoot!  ha! ha!  

Cameron is definitely headed in the right direction with his acting career.   I am hoping that when he becomes famous, I am invited to shoot him again...maybe this time including the cigarette and cocktail.   :-)   

Enjoy!  All the best, Nikki