Hello!   I can't believe it's been forever and a day since I posted!  So, today it's going to be a double post!    The summer has kicked off  and that means lots of family time!     However, it doesn't mean  there isn't a lot going on here at Nikki Guest Photography.   I just returned from a destination shoot with the wonderful Senior Style Guide in Charleston, South Carolina.   It was an incredible opportunity and I will be sharing those images soon--I PROMISE!

Meet Sarah-Kate!   Sarah-Kate was the of last of my Class of 2016 seniors.     I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to end this year's graduating class.   Sarah-Kate and I met first at the National Charity League-Star Chapter's photo shoot.  When she scheduled her session, I knew I had hit the jackpot!  I mean her gorgeous hair and freckles are a photographer's dream!    Sarah-Kate is not only gorgeous with that Rita Hayworth hair and skin, she is one smart cookie. You can fully expect to see this young lady succeed in with a degree in Engineering from Texas A & M University.    Sarah-Kate is an honor student at Seven Lakes and a member of the Sapphires dance team.  

The planning of the session was fun, this young lady has STYLE and she was open to shooting where the location just merely enhanced the photos.   When planning your session the locations are fun to consider, but it's really important to consider that they are simply a backdrop or an added "accessory" to finish off your look.  When I ask about various locations in your questionnaire, it is mainly to help understand your style and the look you enjoy.  With Sarah-Kate we coordinated her style and came up with some fun settings to demonstrate this southern girl's sassy stylish flair! 

Sarah-Kate, thanks so much for choosing me as our photographer.  It is such an honor to know you and I most definitely look forward to seeing how your life journey moves forward. All the Best,  Nikki