Hi Friends,

I was trying to think of a good introduction to this blog post.  Something clever and catchy, but honestly I found myself getting a little emotional.   In case you haven't heard,  I am no longer scheduling weddings.     Thomas (the groom) that is featured in this blog post contacted me over a year ago, yes, you read that correctly.   The groom, contacted me a year ago!  How can you not just love that?!   He was going to propose to Bay and wanted the moment documented.  My family was traveling to South Africa at the time of his planned proposal, so reinforcements were called and my associate photographer, Neha Patel (who also 2nd shot the wedding with me) came to the rescue.    The proposal was documented and the story of this couple's journey to the alter would be something that we would have the joy to tell from that point onward.

Fast forward to 4/16/16 and you can basically sum up all things "Texan" and know that it would be showcased at this wedding.  With a twist of "Tiffany Blue", Whataburger, and the sweet sounds of little girls that could pass for the "fun size" version of "Steel Magnolias" my final wedding would be nothing short of a great "Grand Finale".   I think when you see the images below, it will clear up how all of the above mentioned "twists" came to play out on this special day. 

Thomas and Bay-thanks so much for choosing me on this journey!   I considered it such an honor!  Neha-my assistant photographer, you are amazing.   You always capture the moments that are perfectly candid and document the most amazing details.   Folks, if you want to hire an amazing wedding photographer, check out her work. 

Until the next Senior blog is the "Grand Finale".  xo  Nikki