Hello friends!  I have been so anxious to share Julia's session with you!   Julia's session is what I like to think of as "a work in progress".   Julia and I had planned  her session with did all the right things to ensure that it would all run smoothly; but then...well, Houston weather decided to rear its' ugly head and cause us to reschedule a couple of times.   We even had a studio date scheduled for ballet portraits, with the intention of having an outdoor session afterward (so she would only need hair and makeup done one time).   This very well thought out plan turned on a dime, when we were set to head outside and as I said before, Houston weather decided to rear its' ugly head.   We drove around hoping and praying for it to clear, but since the floods had occurred the week prior,  we found ourselves with road blocks and some locations just not feasible to get to and utilize.  Julia and I were both disappointed but we both had to approach the circumstance with a little laughter and moved forward. 

It can sound so a cliche', "Everything happens for a reason".   I truly believe this was the case for Julia.  We were able to do her ballet session and honor that part of her youth with a session in the studio.   She was able to show her beauty and strength in such a beautiful setting and if we would have done the remaining portion of her session the same day she wouldn't have been able to announce her big news via my blog!   Although I know her friends and family know, we can certainly shout it from this blog that this amazingly talented young lady is headed to Vanderbilt University in the Fall.   She is going to participate in their marching band and will be majoring in Music Education.   

Julia's background as Head Drum Major at Cinco Ranch High School, member of so many honor societies I can't list them all...ha! ha! Oh and she is a beautifully talented ballet dancer are just a few amazing things about this awesome senior!    With her high school years being so stellar, I can't possibly imagine that this young lady will not have an epic college future!  Julia, keep the are a talented young lady and it is my honor to have captured this significant time in your life.  Best wishes ...and Vanderbilt better be on high alert...this gal is about to rock your world!    xo Nikki