Happy Monday folks!   What better way to kick off the week than to share this fun session.  

Meet Shea!  Oh and in a minute you will meet Shea's friend. :-)    Shea and I have a little history. We have a connection through our families and it's been fun to see Shea grow into this beautiful young lady.      Shea attends Willis High School and was looking for something a little different than her local piney woods backdrop.   With that goal in mind, she headed to my end of the Houston area and we covered the Fort Bend County territory and had a blast doing so. 

Shea's style is reflects her Texas roots and her photos reflect that gorgeous charming smile. Now, on to our adventure. 

Our first stop was a local pond.   The day before I had been there with Keely (her post was directly before this one) and we spotted our local alligator (I believe some have named him "Thor".   He stayed in the middle of the pond and we went on about our shoot (which was super fast) and we never really saw all of him.   Fast forward to Shea's session.    Shea's mom couldn't believe her eyes when she say our friend out of the water.  She truly thought he was fake.  I warned her.  Shea warned her...and so on.  She walked towards the gator only to have him travel directly into the water.   None the less, we thought all was clear.   Our shoot continued on.   At the end, of our time at the pond, I decided to grab 2 or 3 last minute shots, when I saw, "Thor" approaching Shea from behind....let's just say, our adrenaline was kicking in and the shoot ended in a split second.   Although we did catch a few fun shots.   I am posting those at the very end of the blog.....so scroll down to get a glimpse of Shea's new buddy!  

Back to Shea--ha! ha!  Shea is going to Texas A & M in the fall!  Whoop!   She will be majoring in Business and without a doubt be the cutest Aggie!  :-)  I am a little biased...   Love you sweet girl and I find it an honor to have captured your senior pictures!  xo