Hi there, 

It's me again. :-)   Ok, so my blog post may be a little long because I thought it may be a perfect time to share a little about a "guys senior session".  On occasion I will have a senior boy that really just wants to get the job done.  Well, I won't lie...most do.  Ha! Ha!  Let's be honest.  If Mom didn't plan it,  the boys wouldn't have these memories documented.   It always impresses me when the boys show up, well dress and completely prepared to "get 'er done".   Which leads me to....

Meet Thomas.   Thomas, Thomas, Thomas....bless your heart!  I mean, my camera decided to switch from full frame to half frame at the beginning of our session.   Little did I know this handsome young man had big plans for later.   I mean, who am I to come between him, a pond, fishing pole and possibly that big catch.  After hustling to figure out why in the world to my camera made such a random switch and fixing it, we got right down to business!  I am serious...when it comes to boys, you have to move ad move quick.   We laughed and cut up...but we got the job done and it was done in an hours time.  Now, keep in mind....all of his session took place all over the golf course property...but it worked for him.   The look he liked and his love for golf.   At the end of the shoot, I think he was even a little surprised that we rocked 3 outfit changes and enough pictures to overflow an album! 

Aside from chatting about Thomas' session, let me tell you a little about him.    My extended family will be happy to welcome you with open arms into the Clemson University Family!   That's right, Thomas has been accepted into Clemson and will be pursuing his degree in engineering.   Thomas has just the right amount of southern charm with an awesome twist of Texas.  Enjoy looking at his session photos...we had fun (even though I played second fiddle to a fish!).