Hi Friends,

I am sittting hear listening to the rain drops and all I could think of is how sunny and bright this post will be. 

Meet Heather and Blake.   This sweet couple was my "next to the last" wedding to photograph and oh the fun and the sweet love between the two of them.  Words really can't express it. 

I am moved just thinking about their day.   Between reminiscing about the time that Heather's father saw her in her wedding dress while her Mother and Brother looked on, is just so special. The sentimental moment of when the couple read their letters and started giggling or the moment that Heather's grandfather read special words and he was so emotional, Heather's Dad helped him out.   The list goes on and on....most of which were not scripted.  Just perfect.   These two simply light up the room with their eagerness to "do life together". 

Heather and Blake, thanks for allowing myself and Neha to capture and record this moment in history for you.  It will always be a special memory for me.   Sending you much love and happiness!  xo -Nikki

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