Happy Friday peeps!   I have been struggling with how to write a "concise" blog that would also share the feelings behind this senior session.  Do I start with, "Full Circle" as a title or "I'll make ya Famous", or just simply, " Meet Jake", the kid that opened my eyes to how we create our own normal.   There is a story to be told here, it's one of such great acceptance and pure joy. 

Jake and I met a couple of years ago.    At that time, I did family portraits and his family booked a session.  Shortly after it was his sister's turn for senior portraits and then as time went on we did a prom session.   As luck had it, I was actually available and both of my boys and hubby were out of town, so what better way to spend my night than a capturing senior prom session?  I mean, these kids were on cloud nine and feeling like super stars and making sure they had photographs to remember the occasion was a no brainer for me. 

  Jake was asked by his pal, Sydney and then history was made.    At the end of the session, I never realized we would have captured what would be an epic photo.  It his the paper and eventually New York City's Jumbotron.   Here is the link to read and see some fun memories from that trip.

So, here we are, a few years later.  A few senior sessions under my belt, but nothing like what Jake has accomplished.  When I was speaking with Jake's mom about Jake's activities, his list exceeded more than I could imagine.   Jake is a "Trainer" for the Seven Lakes Football Team, a member of "Best Buddies", he is a swimming competitor with the Special Olympics, he is a member of the Bowling Team (and I hear does REALLY well), and surfs with "Waves of Impact" and finally is helping his family head up the "iCan Bike Katy 2016.  If you want to learn more about that great organization, click here:

With all that being said, It was somewhat emotional taking this "Wildman Jake's senior portraits.  As always, he gave me the perfect smile and he is more dashing than ever.   Based on these photos, I am wondering which one might get us an encore trip to NYC!!!  I mean, after all...he is a real star and when I see him in a suit, I think he might could run for president!!!  

Congratulations to Jake!  I look forward to sitting next to you on the plane headed for NYC! xo-Ms. Nikki