Oh Shelby!   Why is it that when I say your name, I automatically start giggling!?   I just adore you and your fun spirit!   Shelby is not only full of fun energy, she is just beautiful.  I think all of the smiles and giggles just radiate a beauty that make you want to be her friend.    My son, goes with me on the shoots and helps hold the reflector, normally he cuts up with me and slightly engages with the senior.   He is 13 and is still figuring out his place in his Mom's business.   However, when Shelby asked him to explain the concept behind the game, "HALO"...oh my goodness....he was hooked!!  If you can remember the movie, Jerry McGuire, it was the "She had me at 'hello'" moment!   He was awe struck!  Shelby, my 13 year old son will forever be grateful to know that girls are interested in games also!   ha! ha!  

Shelby is an outstanding student, plus a member of many organizations that only affirm her future success.   She has achieved her highest level in Girl Scouts by sailing with The Mariners, she is the flute section leader for the highly commended Cougar Marching Band, she is also a 3 term member of the Future Business Leaders of America.    I could simply go on and on, because this girl just ROCKS!!!   Shelby's awesome academics and involvement will take her to Texas State University where she will pursue Communications/Public Relations (no big surprise there!) .

It was so much fun to add even more fun to this sweet girl's senior year!   I loved watching you enjoy your "glam experience" and get into your model mode!    You are amazing Shelby and it will be fun to see you succeed as you follow life's journey.   Much love Miss Shelby...xo  Nikki