Happy Wednesday Friends!

Her picture has already been shared twice by Senior Year Magazine.   It's the eyes.  She is absolutely stunning.  Meet Ailsa.  Ailsa is a senior at Tompkins High School and is simply stunning.  Her style is simple and classic; which suits her perfectly.   This fresh faced beauty was just an easy capture with my lens.  

Ailsa has traveled the world  and is just a blast to chat with about all of her adventures.  It seems fitting that her favorite quote is,  "In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself".     With having traveled the world, she really wished to document her time in Texas by adding a little "Texas Flair".  This sweet girl didn't miss a beat when coordinating her boots with the perfect dress.   She certainly looks like a Native Texan!   

I think one of the most awesome things I learned about Ailsa  (besides her travel experiences) is that she is applying for US Citizenship.    I can't think of a greater honor than to meet someone that has so much admiration for America that they would want to go through this process.  The US would be so blessed to count you as one our citizens.  

Ailsa will be attending Texas State University with a major in Environmental Engineering.   I am so proud to know you, Ailsa.   It will be fun to watch you grow in your college path and your journey to become an American citizen.