Today will be a day of continuous posting.  I have so many seniors that are ready to be shared on the blog.    So prepare yourself to sit back and enjoy admiring such outstanding students that are captured doing what they love and creating a time capsule of memories.  

It seems I have had the pleasure of photographing a few more boys lately.   Since you guys know I have two of my own, photographing senior boys is always a fun time.   Often times the guys are a little less than eager to have a photo shoot; much less a styled one!   Ha! Ha!   So when the time comes to meet with me and begin the session, it's always fun to see their minds completely go into ease when they realize....IT IS GOING TO BE FUN, FAST, PAINLESS....oh and you will look good!   I mean at the end of the day, guys want to feel good about themselves too!   

Meet Jordan.  Jordan is a senior at Houston Christian Academy.   His student biography doesn't end there.   Jordan is an Eagle Scout and achieved the Order of the Arrow award.  Jordan is also a football player for Houston Christian Academy.   

Jordan's journey from high school to college will take him to the U.S. Naval Academy.   Being accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy is a MAJOR accomplishment.   Not only do you have to be top in your class, you must receive a congressional recommendation.   Jordan has met his requirements and will be an amazing addition to our military.     Best wishes Jordan on your incredible was so much fun capturing your senior memories!!  I hope that maybe one day I can take pictures of you in your uniform upon graduation!    

Enjoy!  Nikki