Happy Wednesday folks!   Meet Julia!  This sweet girl and her dimples will just automatically make this dreary day brighter.    Here smile is just beautiful and when you talk to her, you can tell she is a sweet soul and is one smart cookie!     

Occasionally when a senior shares with me their thoughts on location we have to switch it up a little.    As much as they love the look of a park, flowers, etc....their style of clothing may dictate something different.   We can create a unique look that meets all their goals, but sometime the location changes.   Julia's session was one of those where we realized taking her to a field of flowers just didn't suit her clothing style.     This realization required Julia to put her complete trust in me and let me take her to places that would showcase her style and personality.  To ensure she had some park pictures;  we did finish off the session at the park.   However, at the end of the day, the best pictures were in the city.    Thank you so much Julia for allowing me to guide you a place that would feature your personal style. 

Julia is an amazing student that will be pursuing her degree in engineering from University of Alabama.   Whew...I got it right!   I was saying Auburn all during her session and actually remembered correctly! ha! ha!  Roll Tide!    

It was such an honor to take your pictures Julia!   I had so much fun and am so proud for you and the future you have at Alabama!