Meet Janelle from Tompkins High School!   She is a knockout!   Janelle's session planning began on September 5th of last year!  Yes!!!  You read that correctly...that is why I encourage folks to book EARLY!    If you are a JUNIOR, book NOW!   Class of 2016 is fully BOOKED and has been booked for quite some time.   The sessions fill quickly and are very much tailored to your style, just like Janelle's.   Janelle knew she wanted a city vibe, so all of her outfits were tailored to look the part.    

The smile on this sweet beauty is just captivating.    As we walked around the streets of Houston, it is no wonder that folks wanted to stop and stare.    I wish I could rock the outfits she wears!! 

Janelle is on the Tompkins dance team, National Honor Society and participates in the Pals program.    Janelle has plans to attend UTSA for her first year of college and then move right into University of Texas at Austin where she will pursue her degree in Business.  

Enjoy checking out all of her images she is just breathtaking!   The shots at the bottom with her and the hat .....just wow!!