Hello friends!   This  is so surreal.   Today's post is crazy for me because Matthew lives on my street and has been part of the cul-de-sac boyhood since day one (at one point our street only had boys!).  I am not going to embarrass Matthew; because I mean, that would NOT be cool!  ha! ha!  I will say, that watching him grow over the years ( I mean that literally! ha! ha!..he is 6 foot 3 in!!!) has been a pleasure.     

Matthew's has big plans for college.  He will be headed to Texas A & M in the fall, where he will pursue his degree in business.    

Matthew's session incorporated all of the things he loves.   We wanted to showcase his red jeep; as well as his musical talent.   Matthew has been playing guitar for many years and plays with his Dad from time to time at Moe's.    I found it so fun to chat with him about classic rock and artists that I am familiar with, but most 18 year old kids wouldn't recognize.    

Matthew-you were such a pleasure to work with!  I am so fortunate to have watched you grow up and become such an impressive young man!   Best wishes as you travel to "Aggieland".  -Nikki