Hi Friends!   It's that time again...I have another fabulous shoot to share.   As you may or may not know, each senior is required to complete a questionnaire to share a few details about themselves.   This helps me learn about their style, personality, etc.   When reading Skylar's questionnaire, I only had to read ONE answer and I knew immediately that we would hit it off quickly.    Want to know the question and answer?   The question was:  What is your favorite quote or scripture?   Her response was, " Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels ".   Oh my goodness!!!   This young lady has it together for sure!!  The sky is the limit when you rock that sort of confidence! 

Skylar's session was tailored just perfectly for her.   We coordinated her outfits with locations and definitely wanted to show off her dancing skills.    Skylar is Lt. Colonel for the Sapphires Dance Team at Seven Lakes High School and also works at a dance school in Katy.    She is incredibly talented and didn't hesitate to show her skills in the frigid cold...even if it involved a little water (you can check that out in the pics below).     Another fun fact about Skylar,  we certainly had to showcase her killer Christian Louboutin heels!    Skylar worked hard to save her money so that she could purchase a pair of these red bottomed heels and boy did she rock them during her session!   I probably would have broken my ankle; but she knew exactly what was up!   

As much fun as it is to share all of the fun stuff mentioned above,  I think it's extremely important to highlight Skylar's plans after graduation from Seven Lakes High School.    Skylar is planning to attend University of Alabama and major in Nursing.    I think it's particularly cool that she is interested in labor and delivery nursing care.    

Skylar I am so excited for you and the new adventures you have headed your way.   Keep on dancing your way to the top!!!   All the best, Nikki