Hello Friends, 

It has been quiet on this blog.   My family suffered a loss this past week and I have been out of town.   As sad as I am at losing my grandfather, I know that his work ethic certainly lives through me.   As we were driving from the funeral last night (5 hour drive) I decided to start working and picking up where things left off when I had to leave so quickly.    I find that for me, working is therapeutic and certainly looking at these sweet smiling senior faces are exactly what I needed to smile.    Let me also add an enormous thanks for all of the notes and messages sending condolences.  I truly appreciate it. 

Let me introduce you to this beauty!   Meet Chloe!   Chloe is, eh, what shall I say?  Eh...well, Chloe is GORGEOUS, SWEET, SMART AND AMAZEBALLS TALENTED!    I can't sum up Chloe in just one word.   I met Chloe this past summer when we did a mini beach session showcasing her dancing skills.   Those images (if you don't remember) are shown towards the bottom of this post.   Chloe is a student at Seven Lakes and plans to attend University of Alabama with a major in Dance.   I can assure you she will make straight A's!  Just look at her photos!   Chloe is involved in The National Charity League's Star Chapter and also is the Colonel for Seven Lakes Sapphires Dance Team.   Aside from all those wonderful accolades, she is also a member of the National Honor Society and Girl Scouts.    This dancing beauty was so fun to capture!  We were able to ensure her personality and style complemented one another and will be showcased for a lifetime of memories.    

Enjoy scrolling through these photos as it has certainly made me smile all day long. -Nikki