The Briarwood School | Houston Senior Photographer | Country Senior Session

Hello Friends! 

Here we are in December and as luck would have it; my final blog post of this year would be Miss Abby.   Abby is a senior at The Briarwood School and her session cannot be summed up into a short and precise blog.  Abby will be pursuing a major in Education at Utah Valley University.  Anytime I see a young person pursing a degree in Education I am moved.   I can tell you now that if you want to just skip to Abby's photos...start scrolling!  Ha! Ha!   However, I do feel I have some fairly valid thoughts to share on this session (lucky Abby has helped bring about some clarity to me and how I can better serve my clients).  I have more to share about this sweet young lady and would encourage you to take a moment and soak in what I am about to say.

Oh heck,  here is a teaser with this one set of pictures...but you have to read to see the rest. :-) Prepare for Abby overload....and yes, those are HER BLUE EYES!!!!  ha!ha!  I might as well, get that out there and make it very clear...those are NOT contacts, she just has simply stunning blue eyes! 

I always reiterate in each blog post how there is so much that goes into planning a session.   Ultimately it is really up to the Senior as to how much planning can happen.   I am limited if "vision boards" are left empty or samples of accessories are not shared.   It is always my top priority that we have you fully styled to reflect your personality and at the same time ensure the outfits are flattering, timeless, and appropriate.  

As with all of my seniors, they answer a questionnaire.   I also usually touch base with the Mom and we just review the style or "look" that is being sought.   Abby and her Mom were pretty quick to determine that they didn't want the styling to be limited to just creating a vision board and piecing things together; they took it a step further and allowed me to do a little shopping with them.    It made for a fun few hours and in the meantime, it helped Abby and I to get to know each other.   Her comfort level was well established and it made the session that much more perfect. Creating an environment where smiles are truly natural is something that you can never copy.     I was able to demonstrate first hand how to choose clothing that was flattering, youthful and fun; not to mention update her wardrobe with clothes that she will wear more than one time. We made sure that her style remained her own, but "tweaking it" made for a fun afternoon.   There was so much giggling in Anthropologie's dressing room because just about everything this brunette bombshell put on was adorable!  It was simply exciting to watch her enjoy finding that perfect fit where she knew she would rock it with confidence. With all that being said, please consider adding a personal shopper experience to your session and of course having hair and makeup join us on the session.   So many different looks can be created with just a little switch in hairstyle and lipstick. 

In addition to the fun shopping experience, we also added extra time to the session.   When I learned that Abby's family had a ranch that was near and dear to her heart , there was no question that it would be the backdrop for her Fall Senior Session.  Notice, I said "FALL"...yes, we will be doing a Spring session with her also.   So stay tuned for will have a whole new vibe. Back at the ranch--ha! ha! I always wanted to say that...we were able to incorporate elements that were super special.   Her rancher's truck, "JADE",    Her grandmother's horse, "Bess", the home that they frequent on many holidays and weekends.   All sorts of special memories with family and friends have been made on their land and creating her senior portraits on this Texas land, but nothing short of perfection.    Of course, with so many looks, having HMU Ashley along to switch it up was superb.  Ashley is so professional and created so many looks that we were ending the night determining that Abby could pretty much wear any lipstick she chooses and it will LOOK amazing!  

In the course of this experience, I feel like I have a friend with Abby (and of course the rest of her family); but when you start with a blank canvas and help a young adult find their style and see their confidence go to a whole new level, it is one of the most satisfying experiences.   Someone commented on my page recently that I seem to only photograph beautiful people  Honestly, were each created in God's image and that is what is beautiful.   It is simply my job to know how to capture it and help you see it too!  Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season-xox  Nikki