Good morning everyone!  

I am so excited to share this beauty's senior session. It's especially awesome that this is Part 1 of 2!  Yes, you heard that right....I am taking Mackenzie to the pool (or she is taking me, ha! ha!) and we will be doing some underwater swim photos in the spring!   It's always fun to capture these competitive swimmers in action and Mackenzie has been planning her turn for a long time. 

I have known this family for many years.  Mackenzie's youngest brother and my oldest son were in kindergarten together.   Although school zoning forced us into different schools, Mackenzie's mom and I have stayed in touch with various social activities.    Well, let's say...bunco and church, because really you MUST have both of those in your life to be completely well rounded! ha! ha! Just kidding folks, I know church is more important that bunco, but couldn't resist.    Back to our stunning senior and all of her awesomeness....

Mackenzie was so fun to work with and watching her embrace the full experience made it so special.   Mackenzie knew that she wanted to highlight her Texas Pride and so we made sure to incorporate our great flag and some cowboy boots.   It was fun to watch her show her support of our great state....and then boom!  Ha! Ha!  The now turned "boomer sooner" is headed to Oklahoma.  Yep...this Texas girl is headed to University of Oklahoma!   Mackenzie plans to major in advertising and I have no doubt will be a great success.  

This outstanding student (numerous awards to list) has also achieved a number of medals in her swimming competitions.   She has a heart of gold that is volunteering at her local church and various other organizations.   Mackenzie is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 

Here is a peek into her session!  Hair and Makeup by the fabulous, Verneal Morin. 

Love, Nikki