Hello Friends!  

I am so excited to introduce Will to everyone!   Will is a swimmer for Foster High School and without a doubt does not know how to go in "slow motion"! ha! ha!   That is an incredibly endearing quality and coveted one for sure when it comes to competition, but when it comes to swimming photography he gave me and my husband a great workout! ha! ha! 

Will was a delight to work with and what made it extra fun is that we were able to incorporate special elements into the session that he loves.   Yogi, the golden doodle....well, I was IN LOVE.  He could easily be Bella (my Labradoodle's) long lost cousin. :-)  He posed perfectly along side Will and it made for a fun session.  I will add that Will's father, Mark was a big help getting Yogi to stay in position.  I wish that a few outtakes could be shared...but I wouldn't want to put poor Mark through that.   

A little about Will, aside from him being a great swimmer,  he is also a great student.   Currently he is awaiting acceptance letters from a few of his favored universities.   Idealistically he would love to swim for either Texas A & M or Georgia Tech while he pursues his engineering degree.

Please make sure you scroll through to the bottom of this blog so you can see all of his fun images.   We had so much fun!  A special thanks to Will's Mom, MaryEllen for coordinating the natatorium for us and for helping with the light.   A huge thank you to my husband, Emory who always joins me in the pool for these fun photos.  Teamwork with him is always fun!  

Will you are going to do amazing things!   I am super proud to know you and look forward to seeing  you in the Spring when we can snap your picture showcasing your college shirt!   xo-Nikki