Let's chat!   I have so much on my heart today and don't even know where to begin.   What better way to begin the conversation with this gorgeous and amazing senior, Abbie.   Abbie is a student at The Briarwood School and also is part of the Nikki Guest Senior Squad (Spokesmodel).   Abbie has such a huge heart and  her senior year is already starting with a huge bang.   This blonde beauty has a passion for helping others overcome dyslexia.   Abbie has dealt with dyslexia and faced the challenge head on.   She has numerous activities that would take an entire page to list, but her Gold Award for Girl Scouts (which she is an Ambassador) is well worth mentioning.   Abbie formed a panel of well respected individuals that also share dyslexia as a trait and created a safe space to discuss the challenges, how it has shaped them and how they have used it as a tool towards their success instead of a hindrance.  Along side her passion for helping others, she is involved in the National Charity League and Student Council.     Abbie plans to attend Texas Tech and will study Human Development and Family Studies.   She would like to receive her Masters in Psychology and become a Child Life Specialist.  As if Abbie isn't doing enough to make the world a better place, she would also like to join the Peace Corps.    Wow Abbie!  You go girl! 

Abbie's session was nothing short of perfection.    Abbie is such a classic beauty.  She has a great sense of style and really understands the importance of being "age appropriate".   I think sometimes when young ladies see my sessions, they see the "glam" side of things.   Of course, I want you to feel glamorous, but more than anything, I want you to be glamorous at your age.   As cliche' as it sounds, you are "coming into your own".  You are developing your sense of self, your style may even be changing slightly; but more than anything these photos represent who you are as a senior in high school.    They should be fun and reflect your personality.   With that being said, here are just a few of my favorites....let me add, Abbie's session had 6 outfit changes!!!!  This is rare.   However, having my "glam squad" girl Ashley on the shoot to do hair and makeup for change ups, made life super easy.    Also, the locations were all within 3 miles of each that helped tremendously.   Enjoy!!