Hello Friends,

This is a completely personal post.  Ha! Ha!   Yeah, I just exudes "SENIOR" by the title; however, it this senior and her family have a sweet spot in my heart.   Meet Allison Bradford, our neighbor, sweet friend to our family and a nominee to the Seven Lakes Homecoming Court.  Allie's and her family are special to us.  We adore watching this sweet girl blossom into the lovely young lady she is today.    Allie is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. Each Sunday I look forward to her little inspirational posts on facebook and instagram.  It's funny, if I don't see her post, I find myself wondering why!?  She is just a light to so many people.  Such a joy to know. 

I am not going to rattle off too many interesting details; because you just need to wait for her senior session! Ha! Ha!   Participating in the homecoming court is so much fun.   It's not only fun for the senior; but the parents also.   It's no doubt that Allie's Dad was having a ball.  Watching the pride on her Dad's face was something that I can't even express and capturing it, well, it is something I am grateful to have been able to accomplish.  Make sure you scroll down to see them walking onto the field.   It is an important reminder the importance of capturing a moment in time and making sure it is always treasured.    I couldn't tell who was more excited,  Allie's Dad or Allie!  

These are just a few of my favorites images!  Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite shots we took the following day (Homecoming Dance).   Allie and Zach (her date) had a whole new look for the dance and she let me have a little say so in the styling...YOU KNOW I WAS ALL OVER THAT! Ha! Ha! 

Until then, enjoy!  xo  Nikki