Happy Friday Folks, 

I am so happy to share this gorgeous senior's blog post.   Meet Anna-she is a Senior at Seven Lakes High School and has the most gorgeous long hair!!!  You add the long eyelashes to go with the hair and you have a semi jealous photographer! ha! ha!   

When planning Anna's session, she made it clear that she wanted an "urban-grunge look". She had a very specific taste and it was important to incorporate her wishes with the clothes she chose.    Normally, over a course of weeks we pour over clothe ideas, etc; however, Anna knew exactly what she wanted and we went with her choices.   I must say, my absolute favorite outfit, surprised me!   I thought for sure it was going to be the t-shirt dress with the plaid button up tied around the waist;  but instead it was the rosey pink kimono jacket with jeans!   If there was ever a color that Anna should wear, it is certainly PINK!    With the gorgeous sun backlighting her session, the rose just glistened and highlighted Anna's gorgeous complexion and hair!  

Since we are still early in the school year, Anna is waiting for college acceptance letters.   So far, her first acceptance letter comes from Colorado State University.   Anna is a confident young lady who knows for CERTAIN that she will not stay in Texas.   She is ready to begin her journey on soil that is a little less hot and humid.   If we were able to fast forward a few years,  I will probably have to refrain from saying "I told ya so..." because take it from someone who had the urge to leave Texas (yours truly) and actually did, I fought like crazy to get back home.  There is no place like Texas; but Anna may find differently and I am sure wherever she is, she will be a success! :-) 

Best wishes Anna and I look forward to watching you enjoy your Senior year!  Here are some of my personal favorites from our time together. xo-Nikki