Hello friends!  I know it has been a while since I blogged.   I have enjoyed a wonderful holiday with my family and managed to sneak in a few sessions that were rescheduled due to our crazy Texas weather.    I  had several folks ask about "guy senior sessions" and let me assure you that they are just as involved.   Guy sessions may not have the fuss of makeup,  but they are just as much involved.  I look at clothing, locations, and really the personality of the guy that is being photographed.   Highlighting a senior's activities is a huge part of the session and today's post shows exactly how it's done.  

Jeffrey is a very accomplished young man.   I was delighted to hear that he is an Eagle Scout.   Documenting this accomplishment through photographs was something I could relate to; as I have two boys that are scouts (one in Boy Scouts and one in Cub Scouts) and a husband that is an Eagle Scout and I am sure one day I will be taking similar photos.    

Aside from the Eagle Scout achievement, Jeffrey is part of the National Honor Society and involved in numerous activities.  Jeffrey has decided to go to Tulane University and major in Neuroscience.   His ultimate become a doctor.    Now, hit the pause button a we were driving into Houston this kid actually caused me to get  a lump in my throat.   As we were enjoying regular chit chat about his senior year and he shared his goals, I asked, "why do you want to become a Neurosurgeon"?  "I mean, what prompted that"?  You see, neither of his parents are physicians and so I wasn't quite sure where the desire came from.    Jeffrey responded with, "because of my brother".   I literally found myself with a lump in my throat.  He explained that his brother has "high functioning autism" and the study of the brain,  what causes autism,  and looking for a cure was something that he really wanted to pursue at Tulane.     I found myself so impressed and really grateful that their are kids like Jeffrey that find their purpose through life experiences.   

So moving on from my "tearjerker" moment we documented Jeffrey at this stage in his life with his accomplishments highlighted his personality with a great session!!  Jeffrey, thank you for being you...and thank you for going after your dream.  Never give up!   -Nikki