Meet Sathya.   As you may or may not know, each session is styled around a senior's questionnaire responses.   One of the questions is, "what is your favorite quote"?   Sathya's response was, " Go and set the world aflame".   Wow!  What a powerful statement and a true testament to the future of this young National Hispanic Scholar.  Recently, someone said, "wow, your seniors are so impressive".    I felt like a proud mom and said, "yes, it's true".  It would have been fun to take credit! ha! ha!  But,

I think this  generation possesses the potential to be "game changers" in the world.   The kids I have photographed are all confident and driven to see themselves make a difference.   Each one has made plans to go into the world and focus on becoming a success.     Sathya is one of them.    

When I posted her sneak peek, Modern Senior quickly voted her as "New" for 2015.  She has incredible style, but her style is simple and very fresh.   Aside from her incredibly gorgeous features, Sathya's academic future is bright....LIKE GLOWING BRIGHT!!!!!  Sathya is deciphering between Boston College and University of Washington.     Her goal is to pursue psychology and eventually tailor her career to Juvenile Psychology.    

As I finish 2015, it is incredible to think how much my business has grown.   Every single session, every family, engagement, wedding, senior and even headshots have a place in my memory.   You guys have made 2015 so fun and it will be a joy to take on 2016 with full force and focus my career path on high school seniors.   2016 is planned out on my calender, but life happens and it will be fun to see the exciting new twists and turns that happen a long the way.  A few fun and very important changes will be happening in March, studio opportunities and many many more.   So follow me along for the ride and we will soak it all in together!  Best wishes and happy holidays!

Now on with the senior session that will stop you in your tracks!  xo   Nikki