Hello Everyone!  I am still on my roll and blogging like crazy lately!  

Let me introduce NIKKI!    You may remember her from about two weeks ago when I posted a sneak peek.   Her eyes just tell a story.   She is such a beautiful fun loving soul that has so many facets to her personality.   I related to Nikki on many levels (aside from our common name) thing is for sure when it came to discussing shoes and shopping we were ON THE SAME PAGE. 

Nikki has met many challenges head on and is a fierce young lady that will be a force to be reckoned as she takes on the world of opportunities that await her!    I have no doubt that this glamorous gal will find success in life.   

A little about Nikki's session.   Each session is unique.  I always say that in my posts and marketing.   The session is tailored to the senior, their personality and what THEY LIKE.    My ultimate goal is to capture the senior in their element and what makes them feel comfortable.   If a senior girl prefers jeans over dresses, then that's what we will do....If they want the natural look over glamorous...then so be it.   We style it according to how they want to reflect on themselves years from now.   I always strive to keep them age appropriate and it can be a struggle during a time when our kids are faced with what the latest Kardashian is wearing or the simple peer pressure of what others think it right.    Lately, I have been photographing several seniors with an interest in theater.   As a matter of fact, a few of them are even majoring in the craft when they go to college next year.   It's fairly common that when you have a client with acting as an interest,  they will have a variety of "looks" they want to capture.    With that said...Nikki (although her major isn't declared yet) loves music and theater.   She is full of laughter and all things "glam".     We went from zero to a hundred in a two hour photo shoot and you will see that depicted in the images below.    We captured her innocence and that edge of her that depicts her fierce bravery.   

Enjoy!!  She is just stunning!