Engagement Session | New York City | Nikki Guest Photography

Hi Folks! I have been so anxious to share this blog with everyone.   From an artistic perspective, photographing anything in New York is awesome; but to photograph a couple, that is madly in love IN NEW YORK CITY, that is like a cherry on top of the biggest ice cream sundae you could imagine!!!

Taryn is from my neck of the woods in Houston and Russell is the "New Yorker".  The two met while Taryn was living in NY and the rest is history.     They have such amazing chemistry that it really wasn't difficult to have them "fall into" posing.  The only problem is sometimes I felt like I could be imposing on them. :-)    When a couple is so completely connected you just know the fireworks between them are going to make for one INSANELY awesome photo shoot.  

Our session was split between two days.   It was fabulous to have my husband there to help along with  Taryn's sister.   I could blog for days about all the little intricate details from our time together, but I know at this point you just want to see the pictures!   With that said...these are only a select few of our time together...I can't possibly share all of them..we have to keep some as surprises. :-)    I am so excited to watch these two say their "I do's" in May!  

Enjoy! xo  Nikki