Greetings everyone!  It's going to be a great week and I am thrilled to share Madison's VIP Model session!  A few things to share about this session  that will make you appreciate it even more. 

Madi is such beautiful young lady. She is the President of Seven Lakes High School FFA and has raised pigs since her freshmen year.   Madi's major in college (fingers crossed for Texas A & M) will most likely involve animals...that's just a hunch.   Well, unless it's a goose!  More on that later!   Madi injured her ankle the day before our shoot.  Now keep in mind, I always suggest the girls to wear heels, so we were already faced with challenges (well, Madi was!) and then of course she has the task of trying to handle her pig who is not the most cooperative.   However, it should not have surprised me that my VIP model would pull off a photo shoot that would be ultimate show stopper!   She wrangled a pig and marched in wedge booties like a pro!   The only time we she really reached her limit was when we were approached by about 10 geese and one that was rather outspoken!  She did not "dig" the geese and honestly they were not acting too fond of her; but in true country girl form...she managed to get on with the show!   I knew she was in pain, but no one would know it because her sweet smile isn't even forced with her pain.   Enjoy her session below!     xo Nikki