Each session is just as unique as you are! As your family grows or milestones are accomplished
I want to capture them; but more importantly you want to remember them! Expect to laugh, 
share stories and expect to have a great time! 



Upon booking your session, a questionnaire is sent to you that will help me learn more about you! Your answers will help me learn more about your style.   As candid as the moments are…each detail is planned. All of the preplanning makes for a great session and timeless images that you are anxious to create.

Aside from the brief questionnaire, we will also create a "Vision Board".  This is your opportunity to share ideas that you have about your shoot, along with things that interest you.    If we haven't met before, it's a great way for me to learn more about you and what makes you tick.   Your vision board can also be used for us to share outfit ideas with each other and also favorite color schemes and locations. 

There are endless options for your "Vision Board" and we get to just play until your session is exactly the way you want it to be! 

Sessions are typically scheduled  3 to 4 hours before sunset or about an hour after sunrise, but as always…I can tweak when necessary.   If you are a young lady, then you will start a little earlier so that we can begin hair and makeup with one of the "Glam Squad" team members. 


You will first meet with one of the "Glam Squad" members.   She will give you that extra "photo finish" look by using products that are perfect for capturing skin tones properly.   She will also provide hair styling services.    For an additional (yet nominal) fee, she will join us on your shoot to ensure that everything runs smoothly! Who knows, we might change up the look of hair and makeup a couple of times if it seems fitting.  The cost isn't all that much more and it can give an extra perk to your session.  Now, if you are a guy...No need to worry, you just show up in your first outfit, ready to GO! 

 I understand portrait sessions can be a little bit stressful (yes I know from my own personal experience!), but I want to make your session fun and as stress free as possible so that natural feelings emerge. Although the questionnaire and our time together helped me learn about you and help ease into conversations soliciting fun responses, we are never prepared for funny moments.   I have been stung by a bee, almost hit with a hockey puck and a senior photo bombed by a donkey.   These all make for fun memories, but be prepared that I laugh at anything and everything.   I recommend bringing a pair of shoes that you don't mind getting dirty.    Sometimes we need different shoes when walking through tall weeds, etc.  So be prepared.    Make sure you eat well before the session and bring bottled water. You will find yourself exhausted afterwards and very hungry!   

 Do not stress over a piece of lent or a loose thread, I can fix that in photoshop.   Your only concern should be staying relaxed and enjoying this day!   


About two weeks after your session, we will set up a gallery viewing session.  We will discuss all of the possibilities of making sure this time capsule of your most important school year is properly documented.  You will have the opportunity to see a variety of fine art choices, albums, graduation announcements, prints and digital file options are available.

Approximately 3 weeks after your ordering session we will meet so that I can deliver your products to you!