Q: How can I book a session?

A. First of all…do it quickly! I months in advance. Do not wait until the last minute. Just shootme an inquiry using the contact form and we will work together to schedule your session. Uponagreeing on date and location I will send you a payment request. This serves as a retainer for the date you selected (no dates will be held without a session fee payment). Do NOT delay!

Q: What does the session fee include and how much should I expect to spend?

A $200 retainer is required to secure your date (this fee is transferable but non-refundable). The session fee includes the consultation (vision board and styling), sitting fee, editing time and in-person viewing & ordering session (the session fee is transferrable but not refundable).

A print minimum of $600 is required and is due one week prior to the session. This will count asa credit towards any purchases you make. Although the print minimum is $600, most clients choose to invest between $600-$3,500+ into their senior portrait experience, with the average being around $2,200 (that includes the print minimum).

Q: What are your package and ala carte prices?

A: Send me an email and I will send you a price list with all the sweet little details about the variety of collections being offered. Print prices begin at $50

Q: What products are available?

A: Every product is made of the highest quality elements. Prints are placed on 100 year old archival quality paper in a variety of finishes that will set your images apart. Custom album design is available and produced with each detail of your session highlighted. Canvas gallery wraps and other wall display options are available in the highest quality available. Examples of other wall display options include: wood, bamboo, aluminum, metal and many others! These options will be discussed during your gallery viewing session.

Q: How many pictures can I expect from my session?

A: Approximately 50-60 proofs will be displayed at your viewing and ordering session.

Q: What if it rains?

A: I will be in contact with you within 24 hours of your session. We will make a decision at that time regarding whether or not we will attempt the session. :-)

Q: What do I wear?

A. There is no need to worry! Your session fee will provide you with a guide that will help guide you and determine a style that matches your personality. I will be available for help along the way.

Q. Should I have my hair and make up done by a professional?

Absolutely! It is required. These images are an investment, so definitely pay a little extra for hair and makeup! Not only does it take the stress off of you, but a professional stylists will apply the right amount of makeup and style your hair that photographs well. My glam squad team is familiar with what photographs well and will make sure that you still remain your authentic self.

Once you have scheduled your session, I will coordinate with our glam squad to schedule your “glam session”. The fee for hair and makeup is $140 and is paid in full to the hair and makeup artist on the day of the shoot These are discounted fees as my glam squad works with me on a consistent basis and they provide great service to my clients. If you want to switch up your look for later on in the session, just let me know and we can discuss bringing one of the artist along with us.

Q. Where do I change my clothes during the shoot?

Well, Occasionally we are lucky and have a restroom nearby. However, that is not always the case. Be prepared to change in the car. I have dark tinted windows and loads of room.

Q. Who plans out the session?

This is where we get to dig deep and start with a vision board. Some of you have been planning your senior session since you were freshman and some of you don’t know where to begin. No need to worry. We will get creative and I can assure you that your session will reflect YOU and your personality! We will share ideas back and forth and plan every detailtogether.

Q.Do you offer digital images?

Yes; some of my collections includes a specified number of digital images, including the print rights to those images. Digital images (aka JPEG files) are not included in your session fee. All digital images, prints, products, and more are sold separately.