Hello Everyone!  Friday is here and trust me, my household is counting down the days until school is out!   They are so anxious and as much as I am ready for school to be out, I have some seniors that are still doing sessions!  So slowing down a bit wouldn't bother me too much.  :-) 

Today's blog is featuring a graceful beauty named, Emily.   I photographed Emily for the first time when she was in 8th grade!  It is so hard to believe that she is now a senior!  There have been a few times like that this year and to say it doesn't make me feel a bit emotional would be an understatement.   Emily was an amazing young lady in 8th grade and is even more awesome as a senior.   Her family is such a blessing to all those that know them and it was a delight to capture her senior portraits.   

The weather prediction for Emily's session was to be sunny.  Well, that didn't happen.  The good news is that the cloud cover was just enough to not stress out over shadows.   The part that wasn't planned, was the wind!!!  OH MY "WERD"!! (that is my East Texas accent trying to be "hip"!) Emily managed the wind like a pro and we had it work in our favor!  

A little about Emily, just wow, where do we begin...this beauty has achieved sooooo much within this past year and the course of her high school years.   Emily is a recipient of the Provost’s Gold Scholarship and Invitation to Excellence Scholarship to Baylor University, where she will be a Pre-Nursing Major.  She has also received an Academic Scholarship from Perry Homes.  Emily is graduating with Honors and has received the Falcon Award for Physics.  She loves to volunteer at several charities and earned the Tompkins FORCE cord.  She is a Line Mom for the Crimson Cavalette’s and a member to the Dance Honor Society.  This girl is set for an amazing future. 

Take some time to scroll through her beautiful images.   And yes, with her permission we are sharing some of her prom dress photos.   What a stunning senior in RED!!  Red looks so awesome on you Emily!  

Wishing you many many blessings and will excited to watch you continue your success in life. 

xo  Nikki 


Hello Friends, 

What a whirlwind week this has been!  It is hard to imagine that just a week ago tomorrow I arrived in North Carolina for a destination session.   Would you believe that my suitcase is still sitting in my closet and hasn't been opened!?  Yes!  That is what happens when you still have 20 sessions to shoot (due to all the rain reschedules),  a model team preparing for 2019 and editing out the "whazoo".  Somehow it all gets done and I am so thankful that I am able to do it.   Each session I begin to edit I relive the fun we had and the excitement of knowing how excited the senior will be when they see their photos.   It is soooo worth it!  

Payton is one of my Cinco Ranch High School seniors.   Her session was sheer perfection.   The light of the day was just stunning and her already ivory skin tone, just glowed.  I honestly have never seen anyone with her shade of eye color where it just glistened.   

Guess what?  Sometimes, I am wrong.   Sometimes, a senior will send me an outfit and I will say, "nah, let's try again" and when the senior indicates it's a favorite and I suggest, "bring it and let's see in person"..sometimes, I am like, "WHAT"!?   "Where is my head, am I blind"?   This was one of those times.   As you scroll through the beautiful photos you will see a jumpsuit that is blue and white.   When Payton shared a picture of it with me, I honestly thought it looked too big on her and took away from her figure.   The below photos show how important it is that if you feel confident something will work, let's communicate and discuss it.    When the yellow accessories were added and the perfect shoes and mind was blown!  Payton rocked it! 

A little more details about Payton--she is a member of the Cougar Stars Drill Team and National Charity League's Azalea Chapter.   This stunning brunette is excited to attend Texas A & M in the fall where she will major in nutrition.   Of course, demonstrating her love for an active and healthy lifestyle we did part of her session in her workout clothes.   It really showcases a side of her that people are more likely to see than anything else.   

We had a blast on this session.    Anderson (my youngest son) joined us on the session and provided some jokes to keep Payton laughing for candid moments.  Although a lot of them made no sense at all or he forgot the ending, it made the moment even more funny.   I will admit though, he did scold us for jaywalking.  I hope Payton learned her lesson on that one...ha! ha!   

Enjoy scrolling through this stunning beauty's images!  it was such a delight to capture her senior photos.  xo-Nikki



Hello Friends! 

I knew that today would be a perfect day to just "blog away".  So many sessions and so little time.  It seems like the clock will just keep ticking away and for each session that is finally edited, another one is in the que waiting.  This makes me so happy and must mean that I am doing a good job! ha! ha! 

In case you are one of my fans/followers that reads my blogs and are wondering about guy sessions...this session is a prime example of how a guy session can entail as much as you want it to.   Many times folks ask me about the difference between girls and boys sessions and honestly, other than hair and makeup, there is very little difference.   I want to honor their senior year as I want to honor the girls.  Some guys don't want to do more than 3 or 4 outifts, some are open to showcasing a variety of "sides" to themselves.  It really just depends on the senior.   Jack and his mom worked closely together to insure the session would be fun for him.   Taking important aspects of his personality and tying it into a "look" worked perfect with this session.   It also works well for me in that I can provide a greater number of options for sharing at the ordering session.   Each time you come to an ordering session, every single photo is edited.  I do not wait until you choose.    Some things, like a trash can, stray hair or random car will not be taken out until afterward; however, everything else is done.   Since each session is shot with the idea in mind that you are ordering an album I want the gallery to tell a story.   A story of your personality and showcasing the "polished" side of the senior. My goal is to ensure that our time together is well worth your investment.   Jack's session was very well thought out.  There was a desire to recreate a particular vintage photo.   So, I called on a few friends; however, last minute health issues and other circumstances thru a wrench into our plan...the silver lining, we made it work regardless!  When there is a will, there is a way.   :-)  Jack also showcased his love for his truck.  I believe those were my favorite shots.   We did manage to pull of 4 different looks at one location!! Ha! Ha!  You would never know because our location had so many fun spots, each unique and different.  I wish that I could share all of them.   Finally we found a great spot that was perfect to get a more "small town feel" and there we added 2 additional outfits.   Each one giving him a real representation of how he wants to remember himself in 2018.  

A little about Jack, during his Freshman year of high school, he was awarded the Obra D. Tompkins Award. This award is given to one student each year for exemplifying honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect and responsibility. Additionally, he has won numerous Straight "A" achievement awards as well as countless awards in FFA including most active chapter member.  Jack also is the Tompkins High School FFA President, a member of Student Council and member of The National Honor Society.  

Jack plans to attend Auburn University in the Fall where he will major in Mechanical Engineering. I had a great time during our session Jack!  You are such a gentleman and were such a pure delight to work with...I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I did!  Below are just a few my favorites.  All the Best,  Nikki 


Hello Everyone!  

I am still on a roll with blogging sessions!  It seems fitting that I bring you a bit of sunshine this am (so dreary in TX right now) and introduce you to Alanna!  

This blonde beauty is just adorable and so fun to work with....despite the wind (it has been ridiculous lately) we pulled off keeping her hair down the entire session! Ha! Ha!   When Alanna sent me her outfit ideas I was so excited!  She has a great flair for fashion and all the outfits were perfectly suited for her and this session.   Her mom, a hair and makeup artist was able to join on the session for Alanna's hair and makeup; I mean, how cool is that!?  When mom is a has it's advantages!  Although Ashley would have loved Alanna, it was great for her to have Stephanie (MOM) be there for touch ups, etc.  

Alanna is a smart, beautiful and kind young lady.    She has received quite a few awards during her high school journey, Most Outstanding Freshman Girl, MVP (Soccer), Most talented (Choir), National Merit Scholar, & the Presidential Award.  The Presidential and National Merit Award is TOP prize!  She achieved such an incredibly high score on her SAT that she really had no problem finding a school that wanted her in attendance.   It looks like Alabama is her destination and they couldn't be more blessed to have her! Alanna will be majoring in Business and setting the stage for success in her future. 

Enjoy looking through her images!  It was so much fun capturing these for her to remember! 



Hello Everyone! 

Well, I may have not blogged since last night, so it is time to get this day started with some fun images! 

The sheer delight of photographing this beauty is captured below!  We had so much fun and it shows in the photos. 

Meet Olivia!  Olivia is a senior at St. John XXIII and is also a dancer at Connolly Dance Arts.   She is a Captain of their dance team has "Ms. High Kick", MVP and First Team All-State. She is also a member of National Spanish Honor Society. 

Upon graduation she will be attending Creighton University in Nebraska where she will major in communications.  

Olivia's session combined a love for the city and her love for dance.    Although this beauty is from the beautiful west coast, she certainly looks awesome in cowboy boots.   Each of her looks paired perfectly with our scenes.    

Thanks so much Olivia for choosing me as your senior photographer!  I am excited for your new adventures! xo  Nikki