Hello Everyone!  As promised-I planned to load up everyone's feed with some dance photos. Initially I was going to just make a collage and post it on social media; but something tells me everyone should enjoy these photos.     Prepare yourself...there are a LOT!  :-) 

This week has been so emotional.   Emotional from a personal standpoint, as I have two boys that are each "taking on" a milestone year.   My oldest entered high school and my youngest entered junior high.   As a senior photographer, I know that these years are going to zoom past me and before I know it we will be touring universities.    It has also been emotional for our nation.  I choose to not discuss politics on my business page and I will not be doing so today.   I just want to say, love each other.   That is all that is asked of us. 

This week I found myself continuously going back to these dance photos.   When I look at them, I see freedom, fearlessness, athleticism, emotion and joy.    My goal is that you will find similar feelings when looking at these dancers.  

A little information about the dancers and the images you are viewing.   These sessions were over a 3 day period.  We did two studio sessions and one beach session.   I am asked frequently if I do the sessions regularly and the answer is no.   These sessions are technically "mini sessions" and are offered only once or twice a year.   Since the focus of my photography is high school seniors, I do tend to photograph more high school seniors than other ages; however, that is not required. You will see a wide range of ages.   You will see that the talent is not limited to just one genre.   Below you will see ballet, ballroom, contemporary, etc.    There is NO limit.    Please take a moment to scroll down and enjoy the beauty that these girls share simply by expressing themselves through movement.    -Enjoy!  xo  Nikki



Here it is!  It seems that with each session, I just crush so hard over each of the shots!  Ha! Ha! Each one of the seniors bring about their own charisma and their personality shines through.   Alexis crossed my path 4 years ago for a dance mini session and little did I know that we would be here, at this moment capturing her senior photos.    It is such an honor that she chose me as her photographer.  Alexis is simply stunning, she has a classic beauty that somehow makes me think of Audrey Hepburn.  Of course, she might not even know who that is...ha! ha!  

Alexis (a.k.a. AJ) is a senior at Kingwood Park High School and is actively dancing with Kingwood Dance Theater.   If you scroll all the way down to her dance session, you will be in awe of her strength and beauty.  

AJ is very active at her high school with dance, theater, HOSA, and orchestra.   Her schedule just kind of blows my mind when I think about it.   AJ's goal is to pursue a degree in kinesiology at Texas A & M.   I have a feeling she will totally succeed and we will be announcing her college choice in a few months!  However, it may switch from kinesiology to "Pig Whisperer" since a pig decided to show up at her senior session!!!  

"Pig"!?  Yes...walking straight through the center of a street in downtown Houston!  Out of no where, in the most unlikely of places, we see a black pig!  Not a soul in site.   Just us and a pig.  I really thought we were on candid camera or being punked!  I always say that each session brings about something fun or a silly memory, but I do believe this might be the top of quirky things that have occurred.   Just to put all the minds at ease...shortly after we looked around for a lost pig owner, a gentleman walked up yelling, "Squiglet".   "Squiglet" looked at his lost owner and went with him as though this happens every day!  Needless to say, my head is still tipping from side to side wondering if that really did happen!   Scroll thru the pics below to meet "Squiglet". 

Back to the beauty that I am blogging about---I am so excited to share Alexis' session!  You have to look at ALL OF THEM!!!  All the way to the bottom where you see her dance. AJ-you are just amazing!   A special thanks to Ashley Carlton, I am grateful to always have you by my side doing amazing hair and makeup! -xo Nikki 


Hello Friends! 

It is sooooo hot!!!  Texas is experiencing a major bout of heat!    It is a known fact (not citing any sources) that you can fry an egg on the concrete in front of my house.   Of course, this serious heat wave doesn't appear to phase the clear natural beauty of Jordyn!  

Seriously, I don't think this beauty can take a bad photo.   As I began the process of editing, the first thought I had is that every color looks good on this gal!  At first I thought, ooohhh...I love her in red, then it was blue, then pink, then green and do we even talk about black!?  Sheesh...she is just stunning.   The other thought I had was, how awesome it is to have Ashley (best hair and makeup artist in the world! -to me of course!!!) join me on the sessions?    Most Texas photographers shy away from summer time sessions, but with Ashley's mega talent joining us on each session, the girls are constantly looking fresh perfect for each outfit, color combo, and scene we create.   Since hiring Ashley the sessions allow us to be more creative with the senior experience. It's also an opportunity for the senior to really create a new look for each outfit.   

Jordyn, is a classic beauty that has joined my senior modeling team.   I am so blessed to have her on the squad-she is not only beautiful on the outside, but her extreme dedication and commitment to organizations she is part of (NCL, Seven Lakes Sapphires, Various Honor Societies)...too many to list are just a hint of what makes her beautiful on the inside.  She stands out in a crowd easily-she has an incredible smile and natural captivating presence that make you want to know her better. 

Jordyn has plans to become either a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant one day and without a doubt, with this girl's dedication she will succeed. 

About Jordyn's session.    She allowed me the opportunity to do her session in Galveston.  Since it is summer, it just played for a perfect backdrop.  We took advantage of the fact that I was staying at the Hotel Galvez and with approval played around their lobby  and such.   Afterwards we took the session to some spots around Galveston and on to The Strand.   Jordyn really trusted me to find the perfect spots that aligned with her taste and outfit choices.   It made the session go just perfectly.   

I know this a long blog post, but one thing to note is that the title mentions "seasonal session".   Yes, this is what I call a "seasonal session".  Jordyn really wanted to do a summer session, but she loves the idea of fall also.   What better way to make it work than to do   2 sessions!  One session rocks the "summer vibe " and then the fall can capture the beauty of changing colors in the trees (yes, Texas does have them, you just have to know where to look).  So, if you are on the fence about which season, possibly consider a "seasonal session".   

Here are some of my favorites of this gorgeous senior's "Summer Session".  Aside from her upcoming fall session, we also have her dance photos to look forward to....stay tuned!!!   Enjoy! xo-Nikki


Hello Friends!  

Wow!  Can you believe that summer break is almost over?  It is hard to imagine that in almost a month school will be starting again and these gorgeous ladies will kick off their senior year! 

I am so excited to introduce the other half of my senior squad.   These sweet young ladies joined me for an afternoon at The Kemah Boardwalk.  It was so hot that their cotton candy melted! ha! ha!   Did that phase them?  Oh no, they just kept going like true professionals.  The weather was predicted to be rainy, so we expected the crowds to be fairly light; nope, it was CROWDED!   Did that phase them?  Oh no, they just kept on doing their thing and embraced the attention!   How could I be so blessed to have these girls on my team?   

Since our theme was a bit of a summer carnival-boardwalk style, I felt going with a bright palette of colors would make them pop against the busy the boardwalk.    These girls are so much fun and full of character that if they would have worn the most bland shades of tan and had no color at all, they would still rock it!   

This group of young ladies are representing 3 different schools.  We have Seven Lakes High School, The Houston School for Performing and Visual Arts, and Tompkins High School.    They all have different interests, the majority being involved in dance.   The most common thread amongst them is their desire to serve.   They are all compassionate individuals with hearts of gold. 

This years' senior model crew will participate in Project Beauty 360.   Project Beauty 360 is an opportunity to demonstrate to their peers what true beauty means to them.   It's an opportunity to empower young ladies to recognize the beauty on the inside can stand alone.  It will survive the test of time.  Standing up for yourself, embracing your differences and recognizing beauty is derived from the soul.    They will step out of their comfort zone and allow me to photograph them without any makeup, without the fancy clothing...just them,  in an organic setting.   

Not only will these young ladies be encouraging others through Project Beauty, they will also participate in another national campaign to help me find a scholarship recipient and award a well deserving senior of a senior session.   Details for this much anticipated event will be coming in the next few weeks.  

With all that being said, this year will be an incredible year for Nikki Guest Photography, but most importantly these young ladies.   Of course, their upcoming senior sessions are going to be so much fun and are truly going to be something modern, different and fun to look see...I consider itlike "icing on the cake" .  I am just so proud of these young ladies for making themselves willing to step out of the box with a goal to reflect positivity.  They will surely be a catalyst to share their confidence, friendship, support and "true beauty".     

Enjoy!  As with each session, I couldn't do it without Ashley Carlton.  She is the perfect assistant and hair and makeup artist.  Ashley-you are amazing!   If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me as soon as possible.  Class of 2018 only has a handful of sessions available.  I am also booking class of 2019.  -Nikki


Howdy Friends!  

Wait, what?  We are suppose to be celebrating Independence Day, I mean JULY 4th is tomorrow! So why would I share my first round of model shoots showcasing our "Texas Pride"? Honestly it started out as an "All American Girl" session.  I mean, after all that is perfect timing for the girls to get the ball rollin' for sharing with their friends!  The plan was to share the session on or around July 4th, then the process began-it was so much fun and as we progressed, it kind of morphed into a Texas themed session.  Texas declared it's independence on March 2nd, so we are just celebrating VERY early this year! GOD BLESS TEXAS!    

We all know Texas is like a whole other country, we take so much pride in our "Lone Star State"-and although a couple of girls may not have been born in Texas, they certainly got here as fast as they could.     

The Class of 2018 Senior Squad for Nikki Guest Photography is so large that we had to split them into two groups.   It couldn't have been more perfect because we ended up with two very different sessions and each one really suited the girls personality.    Next week I will be showcasing our second round of model shoots, so stay tuned for that special blog post. 

A little about the models, these girls are each selected with careful attention to their commitment to authenticity, community, confidence, and are expected to reflect those traits to their peers. They have all agreed to represent my brand, by demonstrating important values and presenting themselves of good moral character.   There is more to being a model than posing for a picture and sharing with your friends-these ladies will be part of a movement this year that will be life changing.  I am so excited about it, that it makes me tear up!    I can't share details just yet, but these models are the perfect choice to be part of something bigger than any senior session I could produce.   

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my first group of Class of 2018 senior spokesmodels. These ladies will be making another headline in a couple of stay tuned!  Introducing-Alexa, Savannah, Katherine and Anna!   I am so pumped for their senior sessions-we have some fun sessions planned! xo  Nikki  p.s.  Oh and happy 4th of July!! (or in my case super early Texas Independence Day! ha! ha!)