Hello Friends!  

I cannot believe it!  We are having an actual 2 full days of "snow days" in Katy, TX!!!  Is it the apocalypse?   It is just simply unheard of to have two days missed due to a "winter storm".   Hurricanes, yes.  Flooding, yes.  Snow?  I mean, it is crazy.   Needless to say we are all happy to heed the warning and stay in, under the blankets with the fireplace on.   Or, some of us work from home and can't "not go into work".  Ha! Ha!   The good news is that when you love your job as much as I do, it really isn't work.    I have been anticipating sharing this session and just eager to share all of the fun shots with you guys!  

Introducing Brady!  Brady, Brady, Brady...this handsome fella cannot take a bad photo.  I think that by the end of the session he was probably ready to go sign a modeling contract! Ha! Ha!  Brady was fantastic and really got behind the idea of doing senior portraits.     It did help that before school started we did a quick "mini session" as he was in need of some shots to submit for yearbook.    Maybe that helped him warm up to how much fun we would have and how it really is all about capturing his personality.    It is always nice when the senior guys get excited about their pictures.   This year has been a really great year for guy senior sessions.  There has been such a fun variety that each one is extra special at making their mark on the blog of Nikki Guest Photography. 

Brady's session was all about the things he loves.    He loves Katy.  It is his home and showcasing him in Old Katy seemed only natural.    He also showcased his support for victims of Hurricane Harvey by wearing a Katy Strong tshirt.   I think the highlight of his session was BAND!!! Oh my goodness!  When reading the answers to his questionnaire, we had a lot of ground to cover as he plays 3 instruments.   He plays the tuba, trombone and honestly, the 3rd one I cannot even begin to remember the name much less spell it! ha! ha!  This multi talented senior has so many fun memories of his time in band that we had to highlight all of them!  Between loading the trailer, walking the band hall and the practice lot...we covered a lot of ground.   His signature look, cap backwards (this cap has seen better days, ha! ha! ) and cool shades he rocked these memories.  Capturing them was the highlight for me!    We laughed so much and I know that he definitely has an appreciation for his future modeling career! ha! ha! 

Brady is not only talented, he is also super smart.    His aspirations will likely take him to University of North Texas or Texas State University.   Once that decision is finalized (it may have been by now and I just blanked...maybe it is the snow getting to me! ha! ha!); he will major in Computer Science or Forensics.    I am going to kick off his blog backwards....I just am on pins and needles to share the band shots!   

Everyone stay safe on the roads...stay warm and sit back and enjoy Brady's blog!   Oh and heads up!!  His sister is Class of 2019...she already has her session booked! Don't delay!!!  Spaces are filling fast!  

Brady-you were a blast to capture!   I had so much are a blessing to so many and it will be fun to see the direction your life's journey!  Big Hugs,  Nikki  p.s.  if you get that modeling gig that I have made up in my head...don't forget who got you started! ha! ha! 


Wow! Surprise, Surprise!  I am knee deep in editing National Charity League Portraits, but a promise is a PROMISE!  Two sets of sisters joined me high on a rooftop (with intense wind and freezing temps!!!) to show off their mad talent and I promised a post and their photos TONIGHT!  

Since one sister showed off her cheer skills during her fun senior session, she helped her younger sister with ideas for leaps and jumps to showcase her gymnastic | cheer  abilities.   The rooftop seemed fitting since we wanted them to showcase how high they can leap into the sky.    These girls are incredibly talented!  The second set of sisters are also competitive cheerleaders.  To make their story even more interesting...they belong to TWO separate gyms!  Ha! Ha!  How that happened is beyond me, but I am sure it makes for a fun day when competition time rolls around. 

This blog post is short, because, well...these were mini sessions, and 2nd...I am knee deep in NCL portrait editing.  However, I cannot wait another day to share these fun shots!  Are you interested in a cheer or gymnastic mini session?  If so, drop me a note at   I am planning to offer more in the summer.   Based on how quickly the dance mini sessions sell out, please do not delay if you are interested. :-)   

Stay warm folks and enjoy your day off tomorrow! xo  Nikki


Hello Friends!  

Here we go!  Another blog post about another amazing senior!  Without a doubt each senior brings something new to the session.  There is definitely nothing that is "copycat".   I think part of that is because we really start chatting very early on about what things they love or places that are special to them.    When it comes to places, it is only natural that your hometown would be that special place.  Sometimes it is a place that your family goes to on a regular basis.   With that being said we are seeing a bigger movement in the Senior Photography industry to do "Destination Senior Sessions".   The destination can be anywhere really-but sometimes it is still only 40 miles away.    I think a wonderful example of how to incorporate your favorite location with your senior year is truly depicted with today's featured senior.     

Introducing Dori!   Dori is another senior spokesmodel that I think defines "All American Girl".  As our country continues to change in what that definition entails...for some reason Dori just meets that description in my mind.  She is strong, independent, beautiful, competitive and such a loyal friend.    She has a super fun personality that had me laughing (no surprise there!) the entire time.   Dori's destination shoot took us to her  "home away from home"-Galveston.   We were able to capture her on the historical Strand, at her family's beach house (which they do rent if you are interested...let me know and I can get you connected) and of course, the BEACH! 

As always there is something quirky that happens at each session.  It is never anything is just quirky or funny.   Of course, Dori's sesion would not be any different!  Ha!  One of the things I always do prior to "city shoots" is look at events happening in the city on the day of the shoot.  I mean, we wouldn't want to have any challenges with parking, crowds or roads being blocked.    When we knew that a portion of Dori's sesion would take place on The Strand in Galveston- I really didn't think twice.    I mean, it's December....Galveston...this is a town that operates on full steam mode during summer, NOT DECEMBER!!  I forgot that the weekend of Dori's session was the same as "Dickens on The Strand".  For those that do not know, this is an event where people dress during that "Charles Dickens" period and they basically walk around singing and drinking!   It just literally was not on our radar!  Needless to say, we had quite a fun time maneuvering between roadblocks, going behind alleys and trying to blend in with others.   A special thanks to Dori's mom and Ashley (hair and makeup extraordinaire and best driver ever) for keeping us from getting a ticket! ha! ha!  After finishing on The Strand, it was time to head to the beach and to the beach house.   It was so much fun to watch Dori in her element.   Hanging out with "Hokie and Hale" (Dori's standard poodles) were so much fun.   They proved to be quite photogenic and even managed a smile at the end of their portion of the session (at least that is what I am claiming it to be :-).    Our final element would be Dori and her paddle board.   A special thanks to Dori's Dad for several things....first for taking the paddle board down to the bay;  Second, for making sure I didn't fall in;  Third for putting up with our problem of laughing at every little thing.   You really did have to put up with 4 silly girls trying to make a paddle board session look slightly glamorous! ha! ha!   I do think we were successful! 

Dori's style is casual; yet she loves a little bohemian mixed with a modern flair.  She loves a natural look which suits here well since her skin is perfection with the sweetest freckles.  Once you add her eyes...bam, you have such a stylish beauty.  

A little about Dori.   Dori plays varsity soccer for Seven Lakes High School.   She is VP of Friendship and is a Peer Buddy for Best Buddies.  She is the Class of 2018 Historian, PALS mentor, ASL Honor Society, Fish Camp Mentor and she just completed over 530 total philanthropy hours for the National Charity League.  She is a Senior Girl Scout.   Dori will attend Oklahoma State University in the Fall.  She has recently been chosen as 1 of 125 kids (OUT OF 8000!!!) to serve on the President's Leadership Council at Oklahoma State University.   While attending Oklahoma State she will major in Secondary Education, specializing in History and minor in Coaching Science.    

Dori is such a sweet young lady that was a blast to capture.  We had so much fun!   I absolutely loved hanging out with her, her Mom, Dad and of course Hokie and Hale!  The beach house was just perfect for our time in Galveston.  I have no doubt that Galveston was the perfect spot for Dori's senior session.   If you have any interest in a beach rental-let me know and I will connect you guys with Dori's family.   "Cowabungalow" is an inviting little retreat from the hustle and bustle.   In the coming weeks there will be more information on destination sessions.  Stay tuned.  Have an idea for your senior session?  Make sure you reach out...let's plan something extra special. 

Dori-you are going to be such a wonderful success.  Your leadership and kind heart will reach so many people.  I really think there is nothing you cannot do.   It is going to be a joy to watch you grow and succeed in the adventures that life has for you.  Much love.  xo  Mrs. Nikki 



Wow!  I am going to pat myself on the back again!  Two days, 3 blogs!!  I am on a roll! 

Here is another that just added 10 years to my life!   Yesterday I blogged 2 sessions that shared history.   There seems to be a recurring theme with my seniors.  I love the fact that my clients have followed me and continue to choose me for this historical record of their senior year.    This blog will once again ignite that little lump that occurs in the back of my throat when I find myself reminiscing about where I began with these seniors.   

Introducing Sophia!  I am sure that Sophia is a familiar face to many.  Sophia was part of the same group of young ladies that allowed me to capture their dancing talents.   She would also become part of the initial group that propelled my love for dance photography.  We have done studio shoots together and beach.    As a matter of fact, her studio session garnered an international award for me that honors the Top 100 Senior Photographers.  I have added images from her most recent beach session and studio sessions to the bottom of this blog post.  

Sophia is one of my Senior Models.  She has such a graceful presence about her and such a fun personality that having her as a model was an easy decision.   Each model brings a little something different to the table.  They do not all look alike and NO-I do not only pick people I know.  Each one applies and actually goes through a screening process to make sure we are a good fit for each other.  Being a model is more than trying to obtain a discount on your senior session.   You are also representing my brand and your school.   It is important to know that carrying yourself with class and inner beauty is the catalyst to becoming a successful senior model.   Sophia fits that description perfectly and it was an honor to capture her enjoying herself in downtown Houston.   Sophia will be joining me for a Spring session, so I am on pins and needles for that!!!  

A little info about this brunette beauty...She is a Lieutenant on the SLHS Sapphires Dance Team. She has danced since I was 3 years old and still take dance classes. I am a member of The National Charity League, NHS, and Seniors Out Serving. I volunteer many hours each year for NCL, NHS and SOS. Westview School (a school for autistic children) is her favorite place to volunteer.  She helps with their summer camp for 2 weeks each summer.   Sophia plans to major in Education when she attends college.  She has several universities on her radar.   She has been accepted to Baylor University, Texas State, Stephen F. Austin University  and is hoping to hear from Texas A & M soon.   

Sophia-it has been such a pleasure watching you grow into this beautiful young woman!  I am so excited to see what the future holds for you!   Much love, Mrs. Nikki 



Wow!  Can you believe it?  Two blogs in ONE DAY!!!  I am so proud of myself I may bust! It is almost as exciting as knowing there is a tiny bit of potential that Oprah may run against Trump in the next election! ha! ha!  Just kidding...and no, I am not getting political; just thought it was a fun comparison!  

Here is another young lady that really tugs at my heartstrings!  Let's just say, that I have known this sweet girl since she was about 7 years old!!!  Oh my!   This may have me crying in a few moments.   I have watched this brunette beauty grow up before my eyes.   A few years ago would be our first photo session. She had developed a love for Latin ballroom dancing and joined me for a mini session.   It was then I could really see that her dancing talent was just the added compliment to her beauty and personality.   

Meet Cami--sweet Cami!   Cami may not know this, but those mini sessions really helped launch the "Dancing Photography" extension of my business.  Cami, along with her sister and a few others were just absolutely stunning! It wouldn't be long before a trend started and "Dance Minis" were a hit.   I have included some of Cami's beach dance photos (taken last August) to showcase this talented young lady. 

A little 411 about Cami-well, how could it be a little?  I mean, really?  This girl is not only smart and talented on the dance floor, but she is also is a costume designer.  Cami is currently the lead costume designer and also has a dancing part in the upcoming Shrek the Musical production at Tompkins High School. She also recently lead the costume design for Zombie Prom, which I can only imagine was amazing to watch!   When Cami is not dancing or sewing, she is involved in her school's Best Buddies program.  The program pairs one to one friendships with for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.   The program helps foster relationships to encourage equal employment and leadership development. 

With all of those awesome talents and traits, you can imagine this young lady has some options when planning her college education.  Currently  University of Tampa, Texas Christian University, and University of Texas at Austin are in the running for this Tompkins senior. She plans to major in Criminal Justice and minoring in English or Psychology.   

Cami's session was full of "all things Cami".  Cami loves thrift shopping in The Heights and she also loves the graffiti walls.  It was perfect timing since the Hue Mural Fest was in full swing preparation at the time of her session.    Taking Cami's style and popping her in front of these fun stores and walls was just a blast.   We also incorporated her love for theater and style by showing her off in a beautiful gown in front of a more traditional and older theater.  

Without a doubt this was one of my favorite sessions.  Cami you are such a beautiful young lady!  I had so much fun with you and of course will find myself living vicariously through you as you continue your successes!  A special thanks to Verneal Morin for amazing hair and makeup and also, Ashley Carlton for joining us on the shoot for each change up.  Also special thanks to all of the artists at the art walls and Vinal Edge Records for allowing us to shoot in your store.   You guys do an amazing job and are so talented!  Much love...xo Mrs. Nikki