Hello Friends!  I am so excited to enjoy summer and family.   Some family time was just what I needed.   After a little break, I am still working but doing more "behind the scenes" stuff in preparation for Class of 2018.   There are still sessions happening, but just a few over the next couple of months.

Just prior to school ending, I had the pleasure of photographing a family that was LOOOOOONG overdue for a family session.   Of course, unless you are living under a rock or just new to my blog, I am a boy mom.   Meaning, I have 2 boys and will not be trying for a girl and I am happy with that fact of life ( I adore my two dudes and force some sense of fashion on them from time to time and they do appease me, ha! ha!).   However, let me be clear,  I am a "girly girl".   So, being in this business and styling senior girls is always fun for me.     When Abby (one of my Class of 2017 seniors) and I met, we had an immediate connection.   Abby LOVES fashion and really trusted me with styling her session.   In the course of shopping for Abby and with Abby, it allowed me to get to know her family a bit better.   She is one of FIVE GIRLS!!!! How cool is that!? I mean, seriously...to have a true sisterhood between 5 girls is AWESOME!  On our shopping excursions and photoshoots, it became really evident that a family session with their mom, Melissa was a necessity.   Melissa is a beautiful soul.   She radiates true beauty with a heart of gold.   During our time together, Melissa and I became friends quickly, but honestly, it felt like I had known her my whole life.   We shared similar life experiences and a friendship blossomed.   

Melissa has two daughters that are not pictured, with 5 daughters and one of them already married with her own babies (BOYS!! ha! ha!), life happens and it didn't workout where they could join us that day.    However, do not think for one minute they will be missing out on a future session.  We are making plans...so stay tuned...it will happen!   On this session, as with all of my past family sessions (please note, I typically do not do family sessions anymore), it is important to create a place of familiarity and place yourself where you share memories.  If it isn't a place, maybe an object (family quilt, etc).   With Melissa and her daughters,  it is her family's ranch.   Of course, the session would not be complete without including the family dogs.   Last but not least, the donkey that was kind enough to share his space was also part of the session.    

Thank you ladies for trusting me with creating this memory for you.  It will, without a doubt be one of my favorite memories.  There were so many funny moments and the belly laughs had me smiling for days.  It makes me so happy to see you enjoying your photos.    Much love-Nikki




Hello Friends! 

As soon as I finished Class of 2017, it is already time to begin sharing a sneak into 2018!   I figure what better way to start than one of my Class of 2018 models.  Stay tuned for my model shoot blog, that will be posted next week!!!   I am sooooo excited for the young ladies that have joined me for an incredible year!   We will be coordinating our own fundraiser and spreading the word about what "true beauty" really means. 

Savannah is such a special young lady and is one of my 2018 Senior Squad models.  I have literally watched her grow before my eyes.   Savannah's senior blog post will come at a later date; but today it is all about her prom mini session.   Savannah attend's Faith West Academy where they have Junior and Senior Prom.   Her junior prom dress just screams "Cinderella" and she is the epitome of grace with each step she takes. 

Of course, I am sure many of you want to know a little about Prince Charming. :-)  Cort, Savannah's boyfriend is such a gentleman and capturing the two of them was so much fun.  Cort was (and always is) such a good sport and of course, so handsome to photograph.  

This entire session inspired me to try and offer Prom Mini's at a location that is weather protected and will produce stunning images.    Class of 2018 should stay tuned...I will be posting all about my idea in January and February. 

Enjoy! xo  Nikki


Hello!  I cannot believe that this is my last "official" senior post for class of 2017!   These sweet sisters were a real treat.   We had planned their shoot in April;  but Texas weather doesn't always work in our favor.  Keep that in mind when scheduling a spring session.   :-)

Patricia and Mercedes were so much fun to capture.   These two sisters are polar opposites!  Ha! Ha!  They may be opposite but they are so close.     It reminded me so much of my two boys. Similar age difference also, so it was so relatable.  Patricia (the younger of the two) will be graduating from Seven Lakes High School in just a few days and plans to attend University of Texas in Austin with a major in Chemical Engineering.   A little more about the awesomeness of this achievement;   if you know how large our high schools are in Katy and add that you must be in the top 7% to make it (out of a class of 1000 -I think), plus add that the College of Engineering at UT is really hard to get into...well, you must know that Patricia is super smart!   Patricia-you just blow my mind!   

Mercedes (the oldest), aside from being blood related also has the smart gene!   This petite, bubbly personality graduated from Texas A & M with honors with a degree in Nutritional Science and a minor in Business Administration is headed to Physician's Assistant's school.   Mercedes had a very busy month.  She is also newly engaged!   We incorporated Mercedes baby (her dog), "Baxter" in the session and he was just perfect.   Aside from having Baxter we were also able to incorporate the stunning Texas A & M campus.  Although it was so windy that day, we were able to achieve beautiful shots.  

Please look at all of the photos below the post.  These young ladies are just beautiful inside and out.   It makes my heart happy to know that these two ladies will be leaders in their careers and paving the way for so many.   The blog photos roll through Patricia, then Mercedes and then....some sisterly love!!!!     Oh...and I couldn't resist posting an out take or two!  

So, Class of 2017 that is a wrap for now ( I do have a few folks doing their sessions this summer) but for the official school year, this is it.   I have been so blessed with so many memories, friendships and couldn't be more proud of Class of 2017!  Thanks for the honor of capturing this incredible time in your life.  xo  Nikki 


Hello Everyone!

Friday is here and what better way to end the week than to share volume III of our Triplet sessions.  Meet Madyson!  Madyson is also a special person to us and will be so missed.

Madyson is all about "al a natural".   Quite honestly, she would have been happy as could be if she had absolutely no makeup.   She really doesn't need it, so we only put a little.  Just enough to even skin tone.    Her "no nonsense" style consisted of 2 outfits and by golly (yes, I used a very retro term!) we got a full session out of her with only 2 outfits!  

Madyson and I had a ton of fun...but the real fun kicked in when she brought out her labradoodle, "Patton".  Patton did a great job for the camera and was happy to show me some love!  

We are thrilled for Madyson's accomplishments and feel so proud of her decision to become an "aggie" at Texas & M.    We will be looking forward to watching you continue your success at A  & M.  :-)    Enjoy!  xo  Nikki



Hello Friends!   Here we go--now on to volume II!   Yes, our second of the triplet crew is Allison! 

Allison is actually the youngest of the 3 and is an incredible human to know.   I remember that when she first moved here she began to give away this "friendship" items (I can't remember specifically what it was, but I do remember that she was all about encouraging friendship).   Allison is such a motivator and encourager.   We always love to see her posts on FB and Instagram on Sundays.  Each Sunday she reminds her friends and family about positive things.   She could easily become a motivational speaker.    This sweet young lady is also very smart. She was accepted into Southwestern University and is eagerly planning to support "The Pirates".

Allison is just as unique as her other two siblings in that she has a little "throwback" style.  From the moment we discussed her senior session the ideas started flooding our minds.    One of the most memorable set of images are the first ones.    The car that was her Mom and Dad's "getaway car" for their wedding was added to the backdrop.   Allison's grandfather was kind enough to drive this vintage vehicle and provide it for our photo shoot.  I felt like we had gone back into time a bit.  

I do want to talk a little about Allison's hair and makeup.   It is not uncommon to hear "I like natural".  Please keep in mind, each session is unique.  If you want natural, you will be provided with a natural look.   Allison's style was very vintage glam.   Taking her back into time a bit, you see the red lips, black eyeliner and such; however, when you scroll to the bottom to see her "current photos"; what you see is a senior girl in her "natural state".   Your fully tailored session is intended to depict what you love, your style, your way.  Ashley (my hair and makeup artist) is very careful to respect your taste and we will not ever begin the shoot without making sure you are 100% happy. 

Check out the images below and enjoy a little travel back in time.    I know it was a blast for us! xo Nikki